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Created with our clients as the main focus, as well as with the help of professionals in the industry of addiction recovery, we help with a variety of needs in relation with programs for drugs and alcohol, detoxification, housing accommodations, rehab and recovery.

Why Search for Drug Rehabilitation?

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services reports that alcohol and drug addictions affect over 23 million United States citizens every year. Our network of providers recognizes addiction as a disease and uses a dual diagnosis treatment to address the illness.

What Makes This drug Rehab Facility Unique?

As with all facilities in the field of addiction recovery, drug rehabs vary in quality at different locations. Clients are only referred to our treatment centers that measure up with our high standards. Our clients get treatment from experienced, qualified staff that is aware of the experience and process of recovery. Clients begin to develop the skills needed to begin a renewed life that is addiction free along with experiencing feelings of strong support.

Ready to Start the Process of Addiction Recovery?

The most vital step in the process of rehabilitation is when the struggling individual comes to terms with having an issue with addiction. However, success will not occur with those who never begin the process. Our network of providers has overseen the complete recovery of countless clients, and now we would like to extend our services to you or someone you love.

What’s Next?

Once an individual goes into rehab for drug addiction, the difficult, yet vital step, which is known as a detox should happen. Detox assists individuals in defeating the physical aspect of his or her addiction to alcohol or illicit substances. Intervention Drug Rehab Association utilizes a clinically managed detox for each client, in order to maintain their safety and comfort throughout the entire process. Our case managers perform evaluations to determine the amount of support required during detoxification. The drugs at the base of the issue should be removed out of the body, to be able to start going through the process of healing.


Will Insurance cover rehab?

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