Which Addiction Treatment Program Is Right For Me 

Which substance abuse treatment option is best for me?

Before entering into any program plan, it's necessary to know about the treatment options and which one suits you as every treatment option is different and varies with each individual. The type of treatment options are:

Hospital Based Treatment:

These types of options are situated in a general hospital, a specific ward of space is allocated for this purpose. This type of unit works on treating dual problems such as both mental instability and physical problems if any. These types of programs focus on drug detoxification, so the length of a period is generally shorter when compared to other programs. The length of stay is generally 10 days. After detoxification and completion of the treatment here, individuals are referred to any residential programs or partial drug addiction programs.

Residential Treatment Facilities:

Residential treatment facilities are generally residential houses or centers where an individual has to stay for an allocated time frame and receives treatment under 24-hour supervision by qualified experts. Although the center also provides a partial drug addiction treatment program or outpatient options, the main formula is giving 24-hour service and supervision. The average length of stay in such a program is 20 days. If the residential house is funded federally, you can have to stay up to 6 months.

Extended Addiction Treatment Options:

These types of treatment options are recommended for individuals who have completed their short-term treatment in a residential drug rehab center but require extra time for complete recovery. Individuals may still seek drug-taking behavior or they have gone through relapse afterward. In such cases, they are referred to long-term Residential drug addiction centers. The stay length in such a program last 90 days.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment:

Outpatient drug addiction treatment options are recommended for those who have jobs or a strong support system behind them. Individuals don't have to leave their homes, they can attend programs during day time or on weekends and still carry on with their usual work. The program lasts 3-5 times a week, with 3-hour meetings per gathering for 6 weeks.

Part-Time Addiction Treatment:

These programs are a higher level program than outpatient drug addiction option, leaving everything same they gather for 5 days in a week with 4 hour meeting per gathering. Therapeutic Communities: Therapeutic Communities gained popularity in the 1960’s. They were founded on the premise that if you change an individual’s behavior, the addiction goes away. Now these communities happily incorporate 12 step programs and other forms of support into their programming. Lengths of stay in these communities generally lasts about two years.

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