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About Our Location

Has your drug addiction torn your life apart? Have you lost touch with loved ones? Have once-meaningful things lost all meaning? It is time for you to let the network of providers at the Fairhope location of Intervention Drug Rehab Association provide you with the professional care you need.

The expert doctors and psychiatrists at Fairhope Intervention Drug Rehab will work together to create your personalized addiction treatment program. This dual diagnosis program will target your specific addiction symptoms and work on helping you fight the physical and mental aspects of your disease.

Your Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Fairhope program will begin with detoxification. You will be prescribed stabilizing medications by your physicians. These medications will help you stay as relaxed as possible while your body is relieved of the toxins that substance abuse has left in your body. This easy and quick procedure will result in you gaining complete control over your body.

You will gain control over your thoughts with the aid of therapy. Intervention Drug Rehab Center Fairhopeā€™s addiction recovery program will be the next step in your addiction treatment plan. Your psychiatrists will encourage you get to the root of your disease in one-on-one therapy sessions. Group counseling meetings will give you different perspectives on addiction and give you the chance to share your experiences with other patients going through addiction recovery. You will learn how to integrate meditative practices into your daily life, in order to find peace of mind without the help of others.

Your accommodations while you are an Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Fairhope patient will be taken care of by your caretakers. These luxurious and first-rate living facilities will provide you with comfort and relaxation as you recover from your physical detoxification. You will reside in the sober living community with other patients going through addiction recovery. Nothing brings people together as well as food does, and you will enjoy delicious food with your housemates prepared by personal gourmet chefs. These social modes of care will assist you to relate to your peers and develop meaningful relationships. Many of these individuals may become a part of your lifelong network of sober support and motivate you as you pursue a path of sobriety.

Laying down the foundation of your sober life after treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Fairhope is a very important part of your addiction treatment program here. The counselors in this program will provide a multitude of classes and workshops in the program for relapse prevention that will support you in becoming a successful and self-sufficient member of society. Professional preparation services will help you write a compelling resume, perfect your interview skills, search for jobs or degrees you are interested in, and learn how to budget your finances. You will also understand how to maintain your physical well-being. The positive coping mechanisms offered at this drug rehab center include watching movies, hiking, art classes, yoga, and sports.

Put your life together again. Contact an intake coordinator and register for professional addiction treatment at Fairhope Intervention Drug Rehab Association.


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