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Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol abuse can have seriously detrimental effects on the user. Your mental and physical health are at risk when substance abuse occurs, so do all you can to prevent substance dependency from continuing. Intervention Drug Rehab Gilbert, Arizona is here to help you with the transition away from drugs and alcohol. Our network of providers offer comprehensive addiction recovery treatment through our comprehensive dual diagnosis approach. By identifying the physical and the psychological manifestations of your addiction, we can more effectively identify and treat triggers and usage patters that were created from prolonged substance abuse. Our providers understand that addiction is a very personal matter, which is why we take the time to get to know your addiction history and severity, and base treatment off your specific experiences and struggles.
Recovery treatment with Intervention Drug Rehab Gilbert, Arizona begins by removing your physical addiction to substance abuse. Our physicians will administer a medically induced detox accompanied with stabilizing medications. These medicines are non-addicting and will ease your transition into sobriety. They help our providers monitor your comfort, safety and progress closely throughout, allowing us to prevent your withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is a very necessary aspect of the substance abuse recovery process because it allows the brain to signal the body that it is no longer reliant on drugs and alcohol.
Following detox, you are encouraged to stay in our modern sober living accommodations for your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment period. Staying at Intervention Drug Rehab Gilbert, Arizona will facilitate relapse prevention and teach you to operate among sober social norms and interactions, offering you a safe space to regain structure and learn to live normally again.
Intervention Drug Rehab is concerned with providing our patients with comprehensive substance abuse recovery treatment that helps you or your loved one build out the ranks of your livelihood. You can meet with your case manager and counselors during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan to discuss employment opportunities, practice simulated interviews, get some revisions on your resume, or get advice on budgeting practices. In addition to seeing you through to secure sobriety, we want you to be successful outside of the facility, as well.
Intervention Drug Rehab Gilbert, Arizona prides itself on offering individualized, custom treatment to all of our patients. To maintain that the maximum quality of care is being administered from our facility, we practice rolling enrollment periods when accepting new patients into treatment. Keeping capacity low in our centers allows each individual we care for to receive the quality attention and the treatment they deserve, whenever they need it.
If you or someone you love is in need of substance abuse recovery treatment, know that Intervention Drug Rehab Gilbert, Arizona is here for you. Our providers are compassionate individuals that understand how addiction effects your mind and body. Don’t waste your future; take the time to get well with the help of our specialized network of providers.


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