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Throughout the past 10 years, death from overdose has been on the rise here in the United States, impacting and devastating millions of Americans every day. Get help for yourself or someone you love, and manage your addiction to alcohol and drugs before it’s too late. Our network of providers has facilitated innumerable individuals along their path to lasting sobriety. Call our professional and compassionate case managers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Phoenix, Arizona to discuss personalized treatment options for your addiction recovery program and begin your journey to successful sobriety today.

Our physicians, nurses, counselors, psychiatrists and case managers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Phoenix, Arizona are committed to working together as a dual diagnosis treatment facility. Because addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and the body, our network of providers has procured greater results by treating both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction rather than just putting our patients through a detox program alone. Detox is imperative to undergo at the start of recovery because it signals the brain to tell the body that it is no longer dependent on substance abuse. You will be monitored through a medically assisted detox by our compassionate and experienced physicians who will administer regulated medication to ensure a relaxing detox. The medication is stabilizing and non-addictive in order to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the process.

After a successful detox, you will transfer to our luxurious and welcoming sober living facilities at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Phoenix, Arizona. Now that the physical addiction has been removed, it is important that your mental thinking patterns leading to substance abuse are addressed with our counselors and psychiatrists. Living among others in recovery while learning relapse prevention techniques and positive coping mechanisms will lay a strong foundation for successful and lasting sobriety. Positive practices such as art, meditation, yoga, group therapy and one-on-one counseling should replace substance abuse in times of temptation and emotional distress as they restore self-control and self awareness to the individual.

Once you have become accustomed to daily sober living, our network of providers offers professional preparation services in order to ensure your success as you transition from treatment at our facility back to home life and the workforce. Services such as resume review, simulated interviews, employment search assistance, budgeting skills, maintenance of bodily well-being, establishing residency, and creating sober networks of support are available to you in order to ease you into sober living away from Intervention Drug Rehab Association Phoenix, Arizona. Group activities offered range from kayaking to go-karting, shopping trips to movie nights, and even beach days which fosters increased self sufficiency.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Phoenix, Arizona accepts new patients on a rolling enrollment basis to keep a low capacity and maximize quality of care. Low client intake ensures that we are able to consistently provide comprehensive care and access to our broad spectrum of services for all of our in-house patients whenever they may require them. Our personalized addiction recovery programs range from 30 to 60 and even 90 days depending on history and severity of addiction as assessed by a case manager during intake.

Please get in touch with a compassionate and knowledgeable member of our network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Phoenix, Arizona in order to discuss treatment options for you or a loved one today. Beginning an addiction treatment program today will result in a much brighter future tomorrow.


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