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Substance abuse affects sleep, mental stability, physical health, and a plethora of other serious repercussions can occur after using drugs and alcohol. You can save yourself from these detrimental effects by recovering from addiction with the help of Goodyear, Arizona Intervention Drug Rehab Association. Our network of compassionate providers are skilled in identifying the source of addiction, including abusive thinking patterns, helping you recover from the inside out. Substance abuse can be cured if you or your loved one makes the decision to seek professional help from Goodyear Intervention Drug Rehab Association. Call now to begin the discussion on what treatment options would be right for you.

The specialized network of providers that are within our center work to get to know each and every patient’s addiction history and severity. Because no two individuals face the same issues in addiction, treatment is individualized to fit your specific needs and past. Then, through our dual diagnosis process, the physical and mental after effects of prolonged substance abuse will be identified and treated. As a disease, addiction changes the composition of your brain and the way you process thoughts, making detoxification a necessary element of the recovery process.

Goodyear, Arizona Intervention Drug Rehab Association begins treatment by carefully administering a medically induced detox. You or your loved one has no need to worry about detox because the stabilizing medications we use during the process relieve patients of withdrawal symptoms. You can rest and relax as a physician monitors your comfort, safety and progress, removing the illicit substances safely from your system.

Following detoxification, it’s important that you or your loved one learns to operate normally without drugs and alcohol day by day. Our facility will help you regain structure and self-control again through our intensive outpatient programs. While staying in our sober living facilities, patients are able to pick up sober social norms and interactions among the other recovering patients, helping you to transition into your life after sobriety. Positive coping mechanisms are at your disposal during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment period to put to use when you feel temptation or distress. Yoga, meditation, exercise, group therapy, one on one counseling, and 12 step programs are available to help you regain a relapse prevention mindset. Learning to depend on these practices will help you transition from relying on the facility for strength in sobriety, to relying on yourself.

Professional services are available to your or your loved one as well, when you are feeling up comfortable operating without substance abuse. Goodyear, Arizona Intervention Drug Rehab Association wants our patients to find success in their sobriety, so we offer simulated interviews, resume editing, and budgeting practices to get you ready for professional employment.

Our facility prides itself on providing individualized, top of the line care to every individual we can come through our doors. Goodyear, Arizona Intervention Drug Rehab Association implements a rolling enrollment period for accepting new patients. Maintaining a low capacity lets our compassionate network of providers and broad spectrum of services to be available to you wherever you need.

Call Goodyear, Arizona Intervention Drug Rehab Association now to begin the discussion on moving on from drugs and alcohol. We want to help you reach your full potential and will support you through every step of your recovery treatment process.


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