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Addiction is never an easy battle to face. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Glendale can help you overcome this disease, and learn from your past. Our staff will provide you with top of the line services. You will learn how to resist temptation, replace your addictive tendencies, and change your behavioral patterns. This will not be a quick fix, but it will be an effective solution. Take a chance to trust us, because we have faith in you.

Our group of professionals will equip you with the attention you deserve. We practice rolling enrollment periods in order to maintain a low capacity. Low admission rates are essential for your recovery. Having a decreased intake will ensure that you receive treatment from our team of providers and wide range of services. Intervention Drug Rehab, Glendale will not neglect you.

A variety of constructive amenities are included in your customized recovery plan. Our compassionate team of providers will do whatever it takes to provide you with a tranquil transition. These lavish services include 24 hour access to a fitness center that is located at your addiction treatment center, a personal chef who will provide you with three freshly prepared meals at your liking, and transportation to and from your substance abuse center. You can transition without having any worries. Intervention Drug Rehab, Glendale is here to make your recovery stress free.

Dual diagnosis procedures are used to care for your addiction. We will provide treatment for each and every single ailment you have been inflicted with. Addiction causes a serious toll on not just the body, but the mind as well. Our team of professionals will restore your physiological and psychological processes. You can trust our addiction treatment center.

Your treatment plan will begin with a medically assisted detox. Our methods of treatment have evolved over the years. You have no need to be afraid of this step in recovery process. During this procedure, you will be prescribed stabilizing medications. We use these regulated medicines to ease your symptoms of withdrawal. We dedicate all of our time and efforts to your comfort and success. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Glendale is here to support you. Our physicians and nurses will monitor your comfort, safety, and progress round-the-clock. Once we have removed all of the addictive substances from your body, we will assess your mental thinking patterns. Any underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction will be found. Your triggers and enablers will be traced. A trained psychiatrist will discuss the history of your addiction in a variety of therapeutic sessions. One on one therapy will help you address your personal problems. Group therapy will help you develop interpersonal relationships and social modes of care. Finally, family therapy will prepare your household for your life’s upcoming changes.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Glendale can help revive you! Our compassionate team of experts will show you the way to sobriety. Your addiction does not have to hold control over your life. Contact us now!


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