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Drug addiction is a deadly disease that affects too many people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 120 people die due to drug overdoses every day. If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, the time is now to get the proper treatment needed in order to live a sober life. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Glendora California has an unparalleled network of providers trained and experienced in aiding patients to achieve full recovery and sobriety.

To ensure a full and permanent recovery, Glendora California Intervention Drug Rehab Association uses a dual diagnosis process to create a treatment program designed specifically for each patient’s needs. Both the physical and mental aspects of the addiction will be targeted to achieve complete health for the patient.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Glendora California deem safety and comfort as two of the most important factors in ensuring a successful and lasting drug addiction recovery. Patients at the addiction treatment center receive medically administered detoxification. This process provides detoxification at the most comfortable level for the patient as possible.

The lavish and peaceful environment of Glendora California Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s living facilities provides patients with safe surroundings to discover their newfound sobriety. A sober lifestyle is strongly implemented and supported by the expert doctors and therapists from our network of providers. They educate their patients on proven techniques that prevent relapse and support them in their times of need.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Glendora California encourages all patients to participate in the fun, sober activities and helpful practices that are offered in the Intensive Outpatient Program. Psychiatrists are available for one-on-one and group therapy sessions. 12 step programs and group education on depressants and stimulants give patients the opportunity to grow as sober individuals. Gym memberships, yoga, and hiking are available for patients to stay physically fit. There are also many relaxing activities including meditation classes, beach days, and movies on the weekends.

Patients of Glendora California Intervention Drug Rehab Association are prepared to successfully establish their life of sobriety upon exiting the addiction recovery facility. Expert counselors educate patients on skills necessary for success at home and work. All of this training helps patients build the independence needed to commit to full time requirements.

Do not wait too long until you or your loved one get the medical and psychological help they need to end their drug addiction. This disease is one that, more often than not, causes sudden and unexpected death. Call the intake coordinators at Glendora California Intervention Drug Rehab Association so they can help you or a loved one take the crucial measures necessary to live out a long and sober life.

Please note that Glendora California Intervention Drug Rehab Association keeps capacity at a low rate so patients receive the full care they require. Enrollment is accepted on a rolling basis.


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