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Affording Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Some people push way their goals because of financial concerns. When you are suffering from drug or addiction addiction and abuse, you should not let money cloud your focus. Failure to enroll in a rehabilitation program can cost you your life. Don’t decide that the program is too expensive for you before you even conduct any research. Taking the time to explore more at Intervention addiction treatment San Diego, CA, can show you about the different options that you have.

Contact the Facility
Before you even start to fret about money, you should contact Intervention Drug Rehab, San Diego, CA, to speak with a representative about cost. Depending upon your current condition due to drug or alcohol abuse, you may need to work with someone who will advocate for you. Speaking with a representative at the facility can help you to determine how much your treatment plan will cost. Also, during this conversation, you can learn about additional fees that may apply in the event that you need to stay at the facility for a longer period of time.

Speak to Your Insurance Company
Once you have gathered preliminary information from the entity, you should speak to your insurance company to find out if it will pay for your addiction treatment at San Diego Intervention. If the answer is no, then you may want to shop around for an insurance company that will pay for it. On the other hand, you may learn that full payment is available. Even if only partial payment is available, that is still less money you have to worry about coming from your bank account.

Research the Payment Options
After you know where the responsibility lies in paying for your treatment, then you can ask the facility what types of payment are accepted. If you learn that you need to pay entirely in cash, you may have to raise some funds. On the other hand, you may learn that credit cards are accepted. While you do not want to cause more problems for yourself by getting into trouble with debt, consider whether you would rather have trouble with finances or with drug or alcohol addiction in the future.

Ask about Payment Plans
A major difference exists between having to pay for your entire treatment now and having the payment broken up into monthly installments. If you can spend the next several years paying off your treatment, then you are likely to feel less of a burden on your bank account.

Revise the Treatment Plan
In the event that a payment plan is unavailable or that you cannot afford those monthly amounts, speak with a specialist to find out if a different course of treatment is available. For example, you may learn that you can choose outpatient services as opposed to inpatient ones for a lower cost. In the future, you may have the financial ability to add on more services.

Procure a Loan
After speaking with a specialist, you may recognize how serious your addiction is and know how badly you need to receive the best help possible. Obtaining loan to cover the costs of Intervention Drug Rehab San Diego is another possibility that you may want to explore. Many loan providers do ask your reason for taking out the loan. Therefore, you need to be ready to share this information with the lending entity. In order to obtain a loan, you must have the credentials to qualify for one, so don’t assume that the loan is a given.

When you think about rehab, you may immediately dismiss the possibility because you think it is too expensive. Instead of venturing into this negative mindset, take a look at the options available.


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