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Have you been suffering from a drug addiction for too long? Do not wait any longer to get the treatment you need to start living a healthy life of sobriety now. Enroll in professional addiction treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Pacific Palisades today.

All patients of Intervention Drug Rehab’s Pacific Palisades location follow an addiction treatment program that has been personally created by the expert team of doctors and therapists of this drug rehab center. As addiction is a disease that causes symptoms in both the body and mind, the program that you follow will be a dual diagnosis program. When all of your symptoms, not just the physical ones, are treated, your chances of being able to successfully maintain your sobriety will be much greater.

Your physical addiction symptoms will be treated with medically assisted detoxification. This method of detoxification is preferred by the physicians of the Pacific Palisades location of Intervention Addiction Treatment Center because of the comfort it provides patients. The procedure involves regulated, stabilizing medications that ease your body as the toxins are extracted.

When you are comfortable enough in your sobriety to interact with other addiction treatment and recovery patients, you will move into Pacific Palisades Intervention Drug Rehab Center’s sober living facilities. The community living environment and social modes of care will allow you to easily get to know and bond with your peers. You will relax and hang out with your sober support network in the luxurious accommodations and enjoy delicious meals prepared by gourmet chefs.

Your mental addiction symptoms will be treated with various types of therapy. The program for addiction recovery at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Pacific Palisades will provide you with one-on-one therapy with a psychiatrist, 12-step programs, group counseling sessions with your peers, and meditation. These therapeutic techniques will help you achieve peace of mind and push any thoughts of relapse or temptation away.

The relapse prevention program offered at the Pacific Palisades location of Intervention Drug Rehab Center will further help you to make sure you do not regress back into your drug addiction. Professional preparation services, like mock interviews, job searching, and income budgeting classes, will help you to gain financial independence. Group education on depressants and stimulants will give you motivation to continue on your path of sobriety. Positive coping mechanisms are leisure activities that you will get to enjoy in your free time. The expansive grounds of this drug rehab center offer many opportunities for fun and development of your sober support network. You can use the machines or join exercise classes in the on-site fitness center. You can walk, run, or hike around the natural surroundings. You may read, study, or meditate during quiet hours or in your personal space in the living facilities. You will get the chance to join in on off-site group excursions to the beach, shopping centers, go kart tracks, rock climbing gyms, and more.

Stop your suffering. Treat your addiction and begin a happy life of sobriety. Enroll in treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Center’s Pacific Palisades location today.


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