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When you are addicted to drugs, you lose self-control and the ability to make sound decisions. In order to gain complete sobriety and health, you must seek out professional help. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Petaluma’s network of providers have the training, experience, and tools to help you successfully fight and recover from your drug addiction.

All patients of the Petaluma location of Intervention Drug Rehab are treated with unique programs. Your psychiatrists and doctors will evaluate your addiction experiences and symptoms to develop an individualized treatment program. Both your bodily and psychological symptoms will be targeted in this dual diagnosis program. By giving you treatments that affect your mind and body, you will be able to get on the path to holistic health.

For your convenience, Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Petaluma will provide you with living accommodations in the sober living community. Your luxurious housing will provide you with the perfect environment for relaxation and healing. Living with other addiction recovery patients will provide you with the opportunity to work on your interpersonal skills and make friends with people that are going through the same experiences as you. This method of treatment is called social modes of care and promotes the growth of sober support networks. These individuals will be a great source of motivation as make the transition to a lifestyle of complete sobriety.

Medically induced detoxification will eliminate your body’s dependency on substance abuse. This will be your first treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Center Petaluma. Your physicians will prescribe stabilizing medications for you to take during this procedure that will provide you with comfort.

In order for you to become comfortable with your sobriety, you will participate in Petaluma Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s addiction recovery program. Going to meetings with a psychiatrist, meditation sessions, group therapy with your peers, and twelve step programs will allow you to get peace of mind. When your addiction no longer controls your mind, you will be able to make sound decisions again.

Your new, sober life will begin when you start the program for relapse recovery offered at the Petaluma location of Intervention Drug Rehab. Professional preparation services will help you create a resume, search for jobs and schools, learn how to budget and save money, and establish a reliable mode of transportation. You will learn how and why different types of drugs cause negative effects in your entire being.

During your free time at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s Petaluma location, you will get to enjoy a wide variety of positive coping mechanisms. The fitness center will provide you with different ways to improve your physical fitness; you can join exercise classes or use the machines. The lush, natural surroundings are the perfect locations to go on hikes, walks, play sports, or practice yoga. Quiet hours will allow you the time to read, study, and meditate.

Treat your addiction and gain control of your life. Contact an intake coordinator and register to start a treatment program at the Intervention Drug Rehab Association Petaluma location today.


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