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Do you want to put an end to your drug addiction? Are you ready to start a new life of sobriety? Intervention Drug Rehab Association Encino’s network of providers will help you. The compassionate caretakers and innovative techniques used at this drug rehab center will get you on the right path.

The intake coordinators of the Encino location of Intervention Drug Rehab use balanced, rolling enrollment to keep the capacity of the center low. This is to ensure that your team of psychiatrists and physicians can be attentive to all of your needs. Every patient receives their own individualized program that addresses their specific mental and physical addiction symptoms. This method is called dual diagnosis because you will get more than just a detoxification of your body. You will also get treatment for your mind.

Your detoxification procedure will be first off the list of treatments you will get at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s Encino location. It will be a quick, simple, and comfortable process. Your doctors will prescribe you medications that will stabilize your body and put you at ease as the toxins are removed.

When your body is on the right path to health, you will begin to treat your mind. The therapists and psychiatrists of Encino Intervention Drug Rehab Center are trained in a variety of different therapeutic techniques that will help you achieve mental stability and peace of mind. A combination of one-on-one counseling, 12-step programs, meditation, and group therapy will get you closer to holistic health.

While you are making the transition into a completely sober lifestyle, you will live in the sober living community of Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Encino. The luxurious accommodations will make you feel at home and allow you to relax as your body heals from the inside out. Social modes of care are implemented in all aspects of your treatment at this drug rehab center, including the living facilities. Addiction recovery patients will be your housemates. You will all adopt sober social norms to promote healthy lifestyles. There will be no cause for temptation when you live in this safe environment.

Starting a new, sober life is no easy task. This is why the counselors of the Encino location of Intervention Drug Rehab will offer you the chance to take part in the program for relapse prevention. They will offer you services that will prepare you for professional success, teach you how to maintain your physical well-being, aid you in understanding how and why drugs negatively affect your mind and body, and help you discover your sober interests. You will get to spend your free time participating in fun activities like hiking, paddleboarding, going to the beach, watching movies, and go karting.

Get on the right path to a life of happiness and sobriety. Call the intake coordinators to discuss your treatment options and enroll in a personalized dual diagnosis program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Encino location today.


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