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About Our Location

Addiction is a disease that impacts both the body and the mind. As such, we here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Ana, California believe it’s important to operate as a dual diagnosis facility in order to treat both the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction. Our network of providers has determined that treating addiction on a case by case basis is highly effective in comparison to usual one size fits all treatment programs. Each of our patients will receive a customized, individual addiction recovery treatment plan to facilitate breaking their cycle of substance abuse.

Detox is important to undergo at the beginning of treatment, because it signals the brain to tell the body that it is no longer reliant on daily substance abuse. Many individuals are concerned about detox because they are afraid that withdrawals will make recovery impossible. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Ana, California, our physicians administer and monitor a medically induced detox for each of our patients to ease them into a restful and stress-free period. The regulated medication is stabilizing and non-addictive in order to maintain your safety and comfort throughout the entire process.


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