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Live, prosper, and thrive. This is not possible if you are suffering from a drug addiction. Get professional addiction treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Newbury Park. Their network of providers has the ability to carefully find a treatment program to address your specific needs.

When you are a patient at the Newbury Park location of Intervention Drug Rehab, you will get a treatment program that is personalized to your addiction symptoms, both mental and physical. Your team of expert therapists and doctors will analyze the history of your substance abuse in order to create a program that will lead you to holistic health.

The first addiction treatment process you will undergo as a patient of Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Newbury Park is detoxification. Based off of the severity and symptoms of your drug addiction, your physicians will prescribe medicines for you to take that will help you be at ease when the toxins are expelled out of your body.

When you are ready to interact with other addiction treatment patients, you will relocate to the Newbury Park location of Intervention Drug Rehab Center’s sober living facilities. You will live in the lap of luxury with top-of-the-line appliances, impeccable furnishings, and personal chefs. All of your worries will melt away as you relax and enjoy the company of your housemates. Social modes of care are a part of everyday life at this drug rehab center, including your housing. These daily interactions with your peers will assist you in creating deep bonds and forming a network of sober support.

You will get to know your sober support network even better in group therapy, provided in Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Newbury Park’s addiction recovery program. These meetings will help you open up and tell your personal stories with your friends and peers. You will also get the chance to learn about their experiences and empathize with their situations. Other types of therapy are also offered by your psychiatrists and therapists. These include one-on-one meetings, 12-step programs, and meditative practices.

Part of your recovery will be participation in a relapse prevention program offered at the Newbury Park location of Intervention Drug Rehab. This program will help you to establish a successful life outside of this addiction treatment center. When your treatment program is complete, you will be ready to take on the world. Your counselors will provide you with opportunities to have fun and utilize positive coping mechanisms. These activities will help you keep your mind off of temptation and focus on your sobriety. You will get to relax, meditate, read, and study during quiet hours. The landscape outside is perfect for playing sports with your friends, practicing yoga in nature, and exploring the surroundings on walks, runs, and hikes.

Another way Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Newbury Park’s program for relapse prevention will help you get ready for life after treatment are services that will prepare you professionally. You will learn how to attend interviews, create a resume, and budget your finances. If you require assistance in establishing a reliable form of transportation, your counselors will assist you with that as well.

Enroll in treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Newbury Park and live a sober life.


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