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Your life is not over. So why are you letting your addiction take control? Your solution to this battle is only a phone call away from you. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Morgan Hill has helped countless individuals just like you. We know that you have potential in your life, and we will never give up on you.

Customized treatment plans are used to accurately address the ailments of our patients. Our network of providers believes that personalized care fosters lasting sobriety. When you contact us, one of our many compassionate intake coordinators will discuss which treatment plans are best suited for your needs. You will be asked a series of questions that pertain to your addiction. Your answers will help us develop a better understanding of your condition. You will either be placed into a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan.

Addiction takes a serious effect on the mind and body. Your physical functions may be severely damaged, but your psychological processes can be just as equally impaired. Our team of experts operates their facilities with a dual diagnosis approach. We will restore your body’s physical and psychological processes. Our trained physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, and intake coordinators will find any underlying issues that have contributed to your substance abuse.

It is essential that we remove any addictive substances from your body first. Completing a medically induced detox will allow your brain to send signals to your body that it is no longer physically dependent off of stimulants or depressants. You have no need to be afraid of this process. Your physician will prescribe you stabilizing medications. These supervised doses will help decrease your feelings of discomfort from your symptoms of withdrawal. Your comfort, safety, and progress will be constantly monitored by our trained medical staff.

A physical cleanse is just the start of your recovery process. After you have completed your detox, you will need to be treated for your mental ailments. A psychiatrist will study your mental thinking patterns. We will find any underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction. Counseling is an essential part of addiction recovery. Many do not realize the positive effects that come from these therapeutic processes. One on one therapy will help the recovering individual develop a better understanding of themselves, group therapy will help recovering individuals learn from each other, and family therapy will help the household adjust to the upcoming changes in their family member’s life.

Professional preparation services are one of the many beneficial services at Intervention Addiction Treatment Center, Morgan Hill. We want you to be prepared for life after recovery. You will be offered the chance to engage in simulated interviews, budgeting classes, resume preparation seminars, and employment search assistance workshops. Each of these practices will help you restructure the ranks of your livelihood.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Morgan Hill can bring you hope. You just have to take that initial step. From the moment you call us, we will take care of everything for you. You always have a chance to change.


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