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About Our Location

Are you stuck in a drug addiction? Does moving towards sobriety seem impossible? Let the compassionate network of providers at the Agoura Hills location of Intervention Drug Rehab Association help you get moving.

When you enroll in treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Agoura Hills, your tireless team of psychiatrists and doctors will take the time and effort to gain a deep and personal understanding of your addiction. They understand that no two addictions are the same and create their patients’ treatment programs with this in mind. You can guarantee that the program they create for you will adequately treat both your physical and mental symptoms and lead you towards a successful addiction recovery.

The first step to get out of your addiction will be through your physical symptoms. The detoxification procedure used at Agoura Hills Intervention Addiction Treatment Center will be brief and easy. You will take stabilizing medications to create the most comfortable experience possible while the toxins are taken out of your body. This method of treatment is called medically assisted detoxification. It yields much higher success rates than other detoxification methods, like completely cutting out drugs all at once.

When you feel that your body is prepared to move forward in your path to sobriety, the living facilities of Agoura Hills Intervention Drug Rehab Center will welcome you. Your luxurious housing will comfort you as you rejuvenate and revive your life. The sober social modes of care implemented in the living community, and everywhere else at this drug rehab center, will help you get used to living a sober lifestyle. You will experience no temptation in the drug-free environment. To provide you with maximum relaxation, everything will be taken care of for you. This includes transportation, housing arrangements, and food. Personal chefs will prepare gourmet meals for you and your housemates every day.

The therapeutic techniques provided in Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Agoura Hills’s program for addiction recovery will help you become mentally comfortable in your new lifestyle. With the physical addiction and dependence on drugs completely out of your system, you will be able to think clearly and allow positivity into your life. Your psychiatrists will work with you one-on-one, in 12-step programs, and in group settings. Meditative practices are also taught at this drug rehab center. These are especially beneficial when you are not able to go to a therapy session and need to put your mind at ease. You will be able to meditate anywhere.

The final step into lifelong sobriety will be complete with your participation in the Agoura Hills location of Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s program for relapse prevention. Positive coping mechanisms, professional preparation services, and drug education will move you forward into a successful, sober life. You will learn how to commit to all of your requirements, start a career, maintain your physical and mental health, and gain a sober network of support.

Do not get stuck in a cycle of addiction. Get professional treatment. Register through the intake coordinators at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Agoura Hills today.


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