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Addiction impacts the mind, body, and soul over a prolonged period of substance abuse. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Escondido California wants to help you get treatment so in the future you can maintain sobriety as you utilize the positive reinforcements our experienced professionals will teach you. Our network of providers can teach you how to operate, and regain self-control in order to prevent relapse. Get in touch with Intervention Drug Rehab Association Escondido California so that your new life can start today. All you have to do is call, and your intake coordinator will take care of the rest for you. Your transition will be easy as we guarantee a comfortable, safe, successful recovery.

When you speak with your intake coordinator, he or she will ask you a variety of questions in order to develop a better understanding of your addiction history and severity. From there you will be placed into either a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. The duration of your plan will all depend on the severity of your addiction history. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Escondido California’s takes the time to treat your addiction accordingly to your needs.

At our addiction treatment center we highlight the safety, security, and success of each and every patient by using a method we refer to as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis treats the physical and psychological ailments that are caused by prolonged substance abuse. Our physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors will treat you for the physical dependency on drugs and alcohol initially. After you complete a successful detox, they will then move forward by rehabilitating your thoughts patterns which lead to your substance abuse. Our network of providers strongly encourage that you continue therapy in one of our sober living homes so that you may be surrounded by a network of support, and also gain a lifetime of support as you will be able to develop friendships that continue beyond the facility. This comprehensive approach has proven to be more successful than simply applying a detox alone to patients.

Many patients lack structure and self-control in their lives, and many may have never even held a job. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Escondido California teaches you how to build a stable life from complete instability. At our addiction treatment center you will learn how to commit to full time requirements such as sobriety and employment. At our drug rehab facility we incorporate professional preparation services as part of our activities. Some of the services include help building your resume, mock interviews, and learning about budgeting practices so that you are prepared to find an occupational position after treatment. With the help of these services you will be able to regain your self-sufficiency.

Get in touch with a member from our network of providers today so that you can receive more information about our treatment options, and which would best assist you. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Escondido California accepts patients on a rolling enrollment basis so that our network of providers is able to maintain a low capacity for a maximum quality of care. Change is possible, and our network of providers can help you find the recovery process you need in order to change.


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