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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 120 drug overdoses result in death every day in the United States. You are more than just a number. Do not let the disease of addiction define you. At Intervention Drug Rehab Association Chino Hills California, we have an entire network of experienced providers that are trained to facilitate you on your path to a drug-free life.

Upon arrival at Chino Hills California Intervention Drug Rehab Association, you will receive a personally tailored rehabilitation plan based on a dual diagnosis to approach your addiction and well-being. Since addiction is both physical and mental, our network of providers is dedicated to targeting both your body and mind to fight the addiction. This could take one to three months depending on the austerity of your addiction.

To ensure that you experience the least amount of discomfort as possible, Intervention Drug Rehab Association Chino Hills California uses medically assisted detox. What this does is utilize non-addictive stabilizing medications that cause less pain during the detoxification process. Your comfort with sobriety is an integral part of preventing a relapse. Our network of providers is dedicated to providing you with the most pleasant detox and recovery as possible.

In order to avoid relapse, you will live at our safe and luxurious accommodations. Our helpful and understanding physicians and therapists will guide you as you gain the skills needed to prevent any setbacks. In our addiction recovery facility, you will be encouraged and inspired to lead a life of sobriety.

It is important to stay busy and focused as you rehabilitate. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Chino Hills California has a multitude of ways to keep you physically active and mentally stimulated. This includes, but is not limited to, 24-hour gym memberships, beach trips, hiking, movies, and study hours. The Intensive Outpatient Program we have has positive coping mechanisms to aid with your rehabilitation. Some of these are 12 step programs, counseling, and group therapy.

Once you are well-adjusted to living a life without drugs, the network of providers at Chino Hills California Intervention Drug Rehab Association will assist you in maintaining your physical well-being. This involves providing you with an education on proper dietary needs, establishing a sober support network, and job training.

Too many people die from drugs in the United States. Do not let your addiction force you to be another statistic. Start your sobriety now by calling Chino Hills California Intervention Drug Rehab Association. Our intake coordinators will gladly discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Due to our commitment to providing all of the proper care to our patients at all times, Intervention Drug Rehab Association enrolls new patients on a rolling basis.


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