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Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Chula Vista California, we care for your mind, body, and soul with an assortment of methods that will facilitate your sobriety. Our physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors will provide you with a medically administered detox, various therapy plans, and positive coping mechanisms so that you can achieve complete recovery. Our network of providers strive to facilitate an easy, comfortable transition so that you can heal efficiently, and hassle free. If you or someone you love needs professional guidance to overcome drugs and alcohol, contact us now. Our network of providers can help you start a better life in sobriety.

There is not a single treatment plan that works for everyone, because everyone experiences addiction differently. Our network of providers take the time to treat your addiction personally, so that all of your specific needs may be treated accordingly. Treatment for addiction is comprehensive, and requires more action than just simply targeting the drug’s physical side effects, which is why our drug rehab center operates unlike any other treatment center.

At our addiction recovery center, our network of providers will address your comprehensive addiction by treating both your physical and psychological ailments that have developed from your substance abuse. We refer to this method of treatment as the dual diagnosis approach. We will begin your dual diagnosis recovery plan with a medically administered detox. Your physician will prescribe you with stabilizing medications that are non-addictive, and help prevent any symptoms of withdrawal so that you may remain in comfort throughout your entire detox. Once your body has been physically cleansed of all addictive substances, you will then continue to be treated for any psychological ailments relating to your addiction. Our drug rehab center consists of a variety of therapy options, so you may choose which therapy method works best for you.

Granted our primary focus is your recovery, but we want you to also remain stress free. As your receive treatment at our relapse prevention program you will be able to focus solely on your recovery, as our network of providers will take care of everything for you. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Chula Vista California offers a variety of services that will ease your entire transition, so that you can experience restoration and healing. At our facility we understand it can be difficult to find transportation to, and from our facility due to a variety of reasons. Transportation to our facility no longer has to be a problem for you, because will provide transportation for you at no cost. If you need assistance with crafting a quality resume, running through mock interviews, or even searching for a job, our case managers are eager to assist you with a wide array of professional preparation services.

Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Chula Vista California you will experience a comfortable and easy transition. Let us help you find sobriety without any hassles or stress. Change is possible; start today by calling your intake coordinator.


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