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In the past, many of those who suffered from addiction were thought to have a moral flaw, or lack of will power. Both of these alleged claims are false however, as we now know that addiction is truly a disease. Those who are battling addiction are severely affected by numerous side effects, as the addiction takes a toll on the brain, emotions, behavior, and thoughts of an individual. Addiction consumes everything you have, and our network of providers from Intervention Drug Rehab Association Alhambra California can give you back the control you once had in your life. Working together, we can help you overcome your addiction.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Association Alhambra California it is our priority to provide you with the individualized care you deserve. Our network of providers treat their patients using a case by case basis, versus the standard cookie cutter approach most rehabs often utilize. Our personalized treatment plans have proven to be more effective due to the individualized care and effort that is put into your recovery process.

We accept new clients on a rolling enrollment basis, and we would love for your or your loved one to be next. This process ensures that we maintain capacity limits in order to provide each patient with the undivided attention they deserve. At Intervention Drug Rehab Association Alhambra California we believe that each patient deserves personalized treatment, in order to receive successful treatment.

Once you are enrolled at our drug rehab center, we will begin by assigning you or your loved an addiction recovery program based on the severity of your addiction. Your intake coordinator will assign you to either a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. Our network of providers strongly believe that each patient responds differently to treatment, which is why we emphasize the importance of tailored care.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Alhambra California sets itself apart from other rehabilitation facilities as our team of professionals apply dual diagnosis treatment to each patient. Dual diagnosis is comprehensive and different. Our patients will undergo therapy for not only their physical side effects from addiction, but also for their psychological side effects. We will start your treatment immediately with a medically induced detox. Once your body has been fully physically cleansed of all addictive substances, our team of professionals will then move forward to provide you with therapy. Our psychiatrists, and counselors will address your mental thinking patterns in order to find out what triggers your addiction. You will then finally be guided in positive coping mechanisms. Our network of providers will practice these mechanisms with you, so that you can replace your addictive tendencies with positive practices upon your return to home life and the workforce.

With our interactive network of providers and compassionate professionals, we are able to promote an abstinence based program that ensures an effective and comfortable treatment plan for you or your loved ones needs. Call one of our intake coordinators today, so that you can begin your personalized treatment plan. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Alhambra California is ready to help you walk with you toward a successful recovery.


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