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Is someone in your life struggling to stay healthy because of a debilitating addiction? Are you feeling pressure to use from your surrounding environment or social circle? Addiction is a serious disease impacting millions of Americans and you can recover from it with the right professional medical help. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Rosa, California has helped countless individuals struggling with addiction overcome drugs and alcohol. Get in touch with a case manager today and begin working towards a life of successful recovery and relapse prevention.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Rosa is unlike other rehabilitation centers because of our dual-diagnosis approach to treating patients. Our providers identify and address both the physical and the psychological aspects that prolonged substance abuse leaves on addicts, resulting in a more comprehensive and effective transition into sobriety. Because no two individual face the same struggles and obstacles in their addiction, Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Rosa, California individualizes and customizes your treatment based off of your specific history and severity of drug abuse.

Beginning treatment with our professionals means removing the physical attachment your body forms when addicted. This is done through a medically induced detox, but don’t worry; our stabilizing medicines keep you away from experiencing withdrawal symptoms during the detox. Detox is a very necessary procedure to begin recovery with because it signals your body that it is no longer dependent on substance abuse to survive.

After the detoxification, you or your loved one should take up residency in an environment that promotes sober social interactions and daily sober living. Our intensive outpatient facilities provide this for our patients, ensuring a comfortable and healthy transition for you. While in Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Rosa, California‘s sober living facilities, patients are able to form a strong sober network of support with other recovering patients and with the providers in the facility. Staying in our treatment centers also gives you access to our broad spectrum of services and positive coping mechanisms to help you if you experience temptation or emotional distress. These practices, including meditation, exercise, one on one counseling, group therapy, and 12 step programs, assist patients in maintaining cognitive control over their emotions and promotes relapse prevention.

In addition, Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Rosa offers professional employment services to help you or your loved one build out the ranks of your livelihood. You can partake in a simulated interview, get assistance on editing your resume, or learn practical budgeting practices. Our network of providers don’t want you to simply gain sobriety, we want you to find success in sobriety.

If you or someone you care for is ruining their livelihood because of an addiction to drugs and alcohol, know that there is professional treatment available and recovery is very possible with the right network of providers. Get in contact with Intervention Drug Rehab Association Santa Rosa, California now and begin the discussion on addiction recovery treatment and sober living options.


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