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About Our Location

You are not yourself when you are dependent on drugs. Learn to live a life of sobriety at Intervention Drug Rehab Monrovia California. We want you to thrive and experience a full, sober life. The expert professionals our network of providers will work with you so you can.

At Monrovia California Intervention Drug Rehab, we treat every individual with a customized treatment program that is required in order for you to reach sobriety. In order to do so, we look at the history and severity of your addiction. From there, we will be able to determine whether a 30, 60, or 90 day program is required. During this time, you will experience a dual diagnosis treatment program affecting your addiction physically and psychologically.

The first part of our dual diagnosis program is detoxification. This will alter the physical aspect of your addiction. Our experienced physicians acknowledge that this is often a painful and possibly deadly process. In light of this, Intervention Drug Rehab Monrovia California aids the procedure with stabilizing medications. The medically assisted detox has low levels of addicting attributes and will help you cope with any discomfort you experience.

To transition from detoxification into sobriety, you will stay in Monrovia California Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s tranquil and luxurious living accommodations. Our facilities are the perfect backdrop for your new beginning as a healthy and sober individual. The positive and encouraging environment along with our therapists and other professionals will help you avoid relapsing from sober life.

Your stress and temptation will be put at bay with the variety of activities available at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Monrovia California. You can get physically active by kayaking, wakeboarding, Go-Kart racing, or by exercising at the 24-hour gym. You can relax on beach days, at the movies on the weekends, or during regular study or meditation hours. Intervention Drug Rehab Association also encourages involvement in our Intensive Outpatient Program which offers counseling, group therapy, and 12 step programs.

The final step into a full and healthy life of sobriety is professional training. Monrovia California Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s unparalleled network of providers will train you so you can be successful after leaving our facility. You will be assisted with employment research, resume building, and mock interviews. You will learn skills that include continuing proper maintenance for the well being of your body and assembling a sober support network.

Learn to be yourself again by calling one of our intake coordinators at Monrovia California Intervention Drug Rehab Association. New patients are registered on a rolling enrollment basis to ensure full and consistent availability of our services to all of our guests. Your life and sobriety are important to us.


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