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Deciding How Long to Stay in Addiction Treatment

Once you have made the decision to receive assistance for your addiction, you will likely begin to explore the programs at ¬†Intervention Drug Rehab San Diego. You’ll see that programs are available for periods of 30, 60 and 90 days. Although you do not necessarily need to figure out an exact plan just yet, you may want to start considering for how long you will stay in the program.

Your Personal Progress

The main determining factor in the length of your stay at Intervention substance abuse treatment San Diego, CA, is going to be your progress. Right now, you don’t know how quickly you will move through the program and see major changes begin to take place. You may want to start keeping a journal. Although you will assess your progress with a professional on the staff, it is a good idea for you to learn how to develop a personal sense of satisfaction too. Also, keep in mind that staying longer in the treatment program does not mean that you are failing. It means that you have the chance to develop even more tools and techniques to change your life.

Your Level of Addiction

Another deciding factor is your level of addiction. If you have a severe addiction to a substance, you may not have the ability to leave within a short period of time. Also, you have to consider how long the withdrawal period is based on your level of addiction and the type of substance that you abused. You want to give yourself a chance to physically recover from withdrawal symptoms before you fully move into more emotional and mental parts of recovery. This process can take time.

Your Relapse History

If you have been in a facility before for substance abuse, you should consider why, how and when you relapsed. Perhaps you went to a program for 30 days in the past, and within the next month, you started to use drugs and alcohol again. This time certainly could prove different. However, you need to ask yourself if you want to take that chance. Staying in the program for a longer period of time at Intervention addiction treatment San Diego can help to prevent you from relapsing again.

Your Personal Responsibilities

During your time at San Diego, CA, Intervention Drug Rehab, you should place a great deal of emphasis on bettering yourself and getting yourself into a healthy state. However, you also may have logical concerns. For example, you may have children or pets at home who are in need of care, or your job might hold your position for only a short period of time. Going back into these environments before you are ready can prove deleterious. When you find yourself in this situation, you should speak to your therapists here to develop a realistic plan for achieving your goals and avoiding relapse.

Your Therapy Sessions

Speaking with your therapist and other specialists with whom you’ve worked is a smart idea when you feel that you are ready to live the substance abuse recovery center. Although you may feel that you are ready to go home, consider the benefit of having another opinion on this matter. If the therapist says that he or she really thinks that you need to stay for a longer period of time, take that advice into strong consideration. This specialist has seen other individuals in similar situations.

Listening to the recommendations of your care team and taking your own feelings into account are both important when you are trying to determine how long to stay at Intervention Drug Rehab San Diego, CA. The important point is that you find a time period that helps you to complete your goal of recovering from addiction.


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