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About Our Location

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Redwood City is offering you a helping hand that is followed by open arms. Our dual diagnosis facility is truly one of a kind. Each of our providers are sincerely compassionate and dedicated to making a difference. Your addiction can be conquered with our time tested tools and services. We can help you start a new chapter in your life.

We will help you focus on your improvement. During your recovery, our network of providers will equip you with a variety of helpful amenities. Some of these luxurious services include a personal chef who will provide you with three freshly prepared meals at your convenience, reliable means of transit to and from your addiction treatment center, and 24 hour access to a recreational center that is also located at your substance abuse center.

You will be cleansed with a medically induced detox. This procedure is done in a safe and secure environment under the supervision of an experienced physician of ours. During your detox, you will be given stabilizing medications. These regulated medicines are used to ease any feelings of discomfort from your symptoms of withdrawal. Your comfort, security, and progress will be carefully monitored by our medical staff around-the-clock.

Healing the mind is just as important as treating the body of the affected individual. Combining treatment medications with behavioral therapy has been proven to be more effective than just a detox. Your knowledgeable psychiatrist will assess your mental thinking habits with a variety of therapeutic practices. You will discuss the history of your addictive tendencies in one on one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. Individualized therapy will help you develop a better understanding of yourself, group therapy will let you learn from other’s perspectives and solutions, and family therapy will help you regain your social modes of care that are normally conducted within a household.

Just like any other common disease, your addiction has the possibility of relapse. Our network of providers will equip you with a variety of preventative techniques. We have created a relapse prevention program that has effectively helped countless individuals just like you. Our team of experts will teach you how to utilize meditative practices, 12 step programs, yoga, art classes, and recreational activities in times of distress or temptation.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our professional preparation services. At our dual diagnosis facility, we prepare our patients for life after recovery. You will be given the chance to participate in simulated interviews, resume preparation workshops, budgeting classes, and employment search assistance workshops.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Redwood City can help you learn from your past, so that you can improve your future. Let our caring network of providers help you leave your addiction behind. You can overcome this disease once and for all! When you contact us, you will be able to ask us any questions or concerns regarding our program. Don’t hesitate any longer. You can start your new life today.


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