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Intervention Drug Rehab Association Vacaville, California has assisted countless individuals into a life of sobriety and our network of providers can help you, too, move on from substance abuse. Get in touch with a case manager today and begin the discussion on what treatment programs and methods would best help your specific struggle with drugs and alcohol. Addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Get help now and begin living up to your potential.

Treatment within our facility has been developed with thorough research put to work on countless individual who have successful made the transition into long term sobriety. Detox is necessary to begin treatment because it allows your mind to signal your body that it is no longer dependent on drugs and alcohol to survive. The detoxification provided at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Vacaville utilizes stabilizing, non-addicting medicine, keeping you or your loved one safely away from withdrawal symptoms. Rest as a specialized physician monitors you thoroughly throughout the process, ensuring your comfort and safety continuously as your body rejects the illicit substances within it.

Following detox, it’s important you instill sober social norms and interactions into your everyday lifestyle, which is almost impossible if you return back to your previous home. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Vacaville, California offers sober living facilities with luxurious accommodations to make your recovery easy and stress free. You will have access to a fitness center 24/7 and a private chef will prepare 3 meals a day for patients, allowing you to fully concentrate all your attention on then recovery process. Positive coping mechanisms are offered in the treatment center and patients are encouraged to utilize them when experiencing temptation or distress. These practices restore self-control and cognitive reasoning to the individual and include meditation, exercise, one on one counseling, group therapy, and more. Learning to depend ion these practices instead of drugs and alcohol will help you transition from depending on the facility, to finding strength in yourself for continued sobriety.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Vacaville, California wants our patients to not only find sobriety, but success, as well, after they leave treatment. Our network of providers will help you build out the ranks of your livelihood after you’ve become comfortable in your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Our providers offer simulated interviews, resume editing services, budgeting practice, and more, to help patients transition into a life of employment.

In order to ensure that our facilities, services and care providers are there for you when you need them, Intervention Drug Rehab Association Vacaville implements rolling enrollment periods. Maintaining a low capacity of intake allows us to always administer the highest quality of care in a compassionate, individualized manner.

If you or someone you love is struggling to leave drugs and alcohol in the past, get in touch with a member of Intervention Drug Rehab Association Vacaville, California. We’ve successful assisted countless individuals in changing their lives for the better by recovering from addiction, and you can do it, too. Call now to discuss which treatment options would best suit your substance abuse history and severity.


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