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Are you, or someone you know struggling with addiction? If so contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California today. You no longer need to fear the detox process and pain from withdrawal symptoms as our facility operates differently than other rehabilitation facilities. Our network of providers ensures that your mind, body, and soul will be restored completely. We fight addiction from the source and identify what underlying issues are contributing to substance abuse. Let us provide you with professional care and guidance so you may overcome drugs and alcohol entirely. Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California can help you take charge of your life again.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California is unlike other rehabilitation facilities as our staff treats each individual with a method that works for them. We believe in treating patients with a case by case basis versus a blanket treatment plan that is intermutual. Everyone’s addiction is distinctive and they all require a treatment plan that is effective for them personally. In order to assure that you receive personalized care from our facility we admit patients on a balanced, rolling enrollment plan. With this enrollment method we have patients admitted based on a low client intake in order to provide maximum care and attention to each and every individual. As we have a managed capacity our network of providers are able to ensure top of the line care to patients at all times.

Detox has been known to cause severe withdrawal symptoms as many have experienced from unsuccessful treatments. Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California however has found a treatment that is not only successful, but also harmless. When you enter upon our facility we will detox your body immediately in order to have the brain adjust and signal to your body that it is no longer reliant on illicit substances in order to function. We will start this process with stabilizing medications during your medically induced detox. The stabilizing medications provided to you are non-addictive and help ease the transition by preventing common withdrawal symptoms that are usually experienced during detox. A compassionate physician will watch and care for you during this transition so your comfort may be be managed, and your safety will be ensured.

After the detoxification process is complete, and your body is physically cleansed from any illicit substances we strongly encourage you to rest, and stay at one of our sober living environments. Living with others who are also recovering from addiction will help ease your transition into a sober lifestyle as you can regain hope watching others succeed. Our network of providers from Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California will also teach you positive coping mechanisms. These positive coping mechanisms will help make you self sufficient once more, and teach you how to prevent relapse. Some of these mechanisms include one on one therapy, group therapy, meditation, exercise, and much more. All of these mechanisms can be utilized whenever you are experiencing temptation, or distress during your recovery. As you practice these mechanisms you will regain your self-control and awareness because it teaches you to be dependent on other healthy activities, versus drug or alcohol consumption.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California would like to begin your journey with you, and finish successfully with you. Call one of our case managers today. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and your case manager will determine which program you need in order to recover. Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Francisco, California is here to help you regain sobriety, and maintain it as well.


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