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Looking to the Future: What to Take with You after Treatment
Whether you are just beginning your time at Intervention Drug Rehab Davis, CA, or you are about to finish up a program, you are already looking to the future. You have bright hopes that your future can prove more successful and healthy than your past. While you know that you want to take all of the information you learned at this substance abuse treatment center with you into your new life, you also want specific guidance as to what you can do to transmute that learning into a lifestyle.

Talk to Your Friends
Peer groups play a significant role at Intervention addiction treatment facility Davis, CA, Chances are that you learned about yourself and other people during these sessions and you gained a sense that you are not alone on this journey. Continuing to rely on this group of people for support is a wise decision. When you are feeling down or tempted by your old addictions, you may call or text one another for reassurance. However, don’t let all of your conversations have negative origins. Plan to get together; if you live far away, stay in touch through the many means of technology available.

Make Time for Yourself
Many people encounter large problems when they do not make time for themselves. The stress factors of life can drive them right back to the habits that they worked so hard to break at Intervention Drug Rehab Davis, CA. During your treatment, you likely learned about how important caring for yourself is. You have to value yourself. While you may not have time to pamper yourself every single day of the week, carve out specific periods where you can get your nails done, go on a bike ride with friends, finish the last chapter of your book or meditate. Just as you write work, school and social obligations into your planner, schedule time for yourself.

Continue Your New Activities
Part of the treatment program encourages you to engage in new and healthy activities, and you should not just leave these activities behind at Intervention Drug Rehab Davis, CA. For example, maybe you learned how to play a new sport, to meditate or to paint at the rehab center. Once you are back home, make time for these activities. You may choose to do them in a structured manner by joining a club or taking a class, or you may opt to integrate them into your hobbies that you do at home.

Care about Health
When you don’t care about your health, then you are more likely to enter back into the world of drugs or alcohol. While at Davis,CA, Intervention drug rehab center, an emphasis was placed on your health, so continue to care about it. When you take the time to eat the right foods and engage in exercise, you will likely care more about your body in general. You don’t have to workout every day or deprive yourself of ice cream for the rest of your life, but you should make an overall healthy body a priority.

Contact Information
You should feel as though you can contact your therapists and counselors if you need assistance. You may have days where you feel as though you want to give up and return to your old habits. Remember how helpful these individuals were at Davis, CA, substance abuse treatment; call upon them for their assistance now. You don’t necessarily have to go back into the program; you may need to have a conversation with a familiar specialist to put you back on the right track.

Leaving a treatment facility can feel frightening, and you are likely concerned with staying on the right path. When you take these actions, you can increase the possibility that you will.


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