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Addiction takes a toll on the entire body, and sometimes it can seem like your body is imprisoned. Let Intervention Drug Rehab Association La Mesa California lead you onto the road for a successful recovery. You or your loved one will receive a personalized treatment plan according to your needs. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association La Mesa California, our network of providers only believes in treating patients with a case by case basis screening. You can rest assured that your treatment is in the good hands of experienced professionals. Don’t wait any longer, you can begin your recovery today with just a simple phone call.

When you call Intervention Drug Rehab Association La Mesa California one of our compassionate intake coordinators will perform evaluations and assessments, so that he or she may develop a better understanding of your addiction history. Patients are subject to screening, eligibility, and testing to confirm which treatment plan will best suit their needs. All of the questions from your intake coordinator require your feedback so you may be placed into the appropriate treatment plan. Focusing treatment on your specific past in substance abuse, is much more effective than using a one size fits all treatment plan.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association La Mesa California operates as a dual diagnosis facility. Our physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors are all specialized in identifying the physical and the psychological ailments that are caused by prolonged substance abuse. We will start the dual diagnosis procedure by treating your physical dependency on drugs, and or alcohol. You will undergo a medically administered detox, and during this time your physician will manage your comfort, safety, and security round-the-clock as you will be cleansed of any addictive substances in your system. Many are fearful of enduring the detox process because of the symptoms of withdrawal that are associated with it. However, here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association La Mesa California , your physician will prescribe you with stabilizing medications so that you are able to rest comfortably throughout the entire process.

After you have been physically cleansed of all addictive substances, you will then proceed to be treated with therapy. We encourage all of our patients to continue therapy in one of our sober living homes. In these homes, patients will adopt the social norms and interactions that are conducted within the house. Living in one of these homes also helps ease the transition into sober living at home, as you will be able to build a network of support with others like you.

Let us help you recover, feel rejuvenated, and revitalized for your successful return into home life and the workforce. Our network of providers will not let anything stand in the way of your recovery, which is why we also offer transportation at no cost to and from our facility. Start today by contacting one of our many compassionate intake coordinators, and feel free to reach us with any questions or concerns regarding your personal addiction recovery. Change is possible, and it can be done successfully with our compassionate network of providers from Intervention Drug Rehab Association La Mesa California.


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