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About Our Location

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Danville can properly address your comprehensive addiction with effectively time tested tools and services. You no longer need to live your life in the darkest shadows. Let our network of providers shine the light that will lead your way to sobriety. We are here to help you, because we see the strength you have in your life. All we ask is that you pick up the phone and contact us.

Recovery can already be a stressful process for you. At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Danville, we will provide each and every one of our patients with a serene recovery. You will not have to carry any worries on your back. Our network of providers will equip you with a mixture of helpful conveniences. Whenever you feel the need to relieve any stresses of yours, you can go to our recreational center that is located on site. You will have 24 hour access, 7 days a week. You have no need to find transportation, because we will equip you with reliable means of transit to and from your dual diagnosis facility. Each and every one of our patients are also given a private chef. Your personal culinary master will provide you with three freshly prepared meals on a day to day basis.

Our network of providers practices balanced rolling enrollment periods. We use these method of admissions, so that we can maintain a decreased capacity. Keeping a reduced intake allows our network of providers and broad selection of services to be there for you when you need them. Our drug rehab center will always be there for you.

We understand that addiction takes a toll on the stability you may have had in your life. Our team of experts will help you rebuild the livelihood you once had. Your personalized treatment plan includes an assortment of professional preparation services. We strongly advise that you take advantage of this opportunity. You will be given the chance to take part in resume preparation workshops, employment search assistance seminars, budgeting classes, and simulated interviews. Each of these advantages will better prepare your for life after recovery. Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Danville is here for you.

You will be living in one of our upscale housing accommodations. These environments are essential for your transitioning process. Those who are recovering from substance abuse need stable sober surroundings for a successful recovery. Living among other healing individuals will help you develop a lasting network of support. You will engage in group activities, learn from each other, and regain your interpersonal relationships. Our network of providers will host your group outings on the weekends. Some of these excursions include beach trips, wakeboarding, kayaking, hiking, movie nights, go-karting, and much more.

Cases of addiction are only rising.There are only so many places you can go to for professional assistance. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Danville is welcoming you with open arms. Take this opportunity to change the rest of you life!


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