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About Our Location

Recovering from an addiction can be a very difficult task without the help from others. Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Rancho Cucamonga location has an incomparable network of providers that is passionate about providing patients with the optimism and support necessary for a lasting addiction recovery.

As a patient of Rancho Cucamonga Intervention Drug Rehab, you will receive a dual diagnosis addiction treatment program that is individualized to address your specific psychological and physical symptoms. This program will be carefully created by your psychiatrists and doctors when you first enroll here. They will determine what treatments and procedures will provide you with the greatest recovery results based off of your personal history with drug addiction and substance abuse.

Your physical addiction symptoms are the first ones that will be treated at Rancho Cucamonga Intervention Addiction Treatment Center. You will take stabilizing medications that will comfort you as your body is rid of the poisonous substances left behind by prolonged drug abuse. This method of treatment is called medically induced detoxification and will provide you with the easiest and quickest detoxification available.

After your body undergoes treatment, next will be your mind. Intervention Drug Rehab Center’s Rancho Cucamonga location has a program for addiction recovery that will help you push temptation from your mind and focus on a sober life. You will get to the root of your addiction in one-on-one meetings with your psychiatrist. Your peers and sober support network will empathize with your addiction story and you will with theirs in group therapy. Learning the benefits of meditation will positively affect your daily life.

While you are going through the addiction recovery program, you will begin your stay in Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Rancho Cucamonga’s living community. You will practice sober social norms and learn how to live a drug-free lifestyle. Your housemates will help you through this process and become a part of your sober support network. The comfortable and luxurious furnishings will be easy to relax and make yourself at home in. You will get to live worry-free as your appointments, transportation, and meals are all taken care of for you by your compassionate caretakers and personal chefs.

When you have control over your body and mind again, you will be able to put your life back together. The counselors in Intervention Drug Rehab Center Rancho Cucamonga’s program for relapse prevention will provide you with a multitude of different services that will help you get on track for a successful, sober life. Professional preparation services will teach you how to write an effective resume, budget your finances, and apply to jobs. Health workshops will provide you with the skills to properly prepare nutritious meals and maintain your physical well-being. Your free time will be open for you to do as you please. Many patients take this time as an opportunity to participate in the various positive coping mechanisms offered at this drug rehab center, like hiking, art classes, watching movies, and going on off-site group excursions.

Get the help and support you need to achieve lifelong sobriety. Register at Rancho Cucamonga Intervention Drug Rehab Association today.


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