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Live a happy life of sobriety. Get professional addiction treatment and suffer no more. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Upland ’s compassionate network of providers are dedicated to helping patients fight their drug addictions and reach their goals.

The treatment programs provided at Upland Intervention Drug Rehab are all specialized to address every patient’s unique case of addiction. When you enroll at this drug rehab center, your team of psychiatrists and physicians will evaluate your experiences and history with substance abuse and addiction. They will use the data they gather to formulate the most successful and efficient dual diagnosis treatment program for your disease. By moving beyond just the physical symptoms of your addiction and also focusing efforts on your mental symptoms, you will be able to reach holistic health and lasting sobriety.

Medically assisted detoxification will rid you of your physical addiction symptoms. The removal of poisonous substances from your body can cause discomfort in some cases. That is why Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Upland’s physicians use stabilizing medications to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout this quick and easy procedure.

Your mental health is the next step you will take on your path towards sobriety in your Upland Intervention Drug Rehab Center treatment program. Confidential therapy sessions with your psychiatrist will open up your thoughts and detect the root of your addiction. You will learn from other addiction treatment patients’ experiences and share your own in group therapy and twelve step program meetings. Practicing meditative exercises will become a part of your daily routine in striving for mental health.

Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Upland’s luxurious housing facilities will help you as you shift from a life of drug dependence to one of complete sobriety. You will engage in sober social norms and develop your interpersonal skills as you get to know your housemates. The charming and peaceful atmosphere will help you relax and become comfortable in your sobriety. You will not need to worry about temptation or relapse in these drug-free living accommodations.

The program for relapse prevention at Upland Intervention Drug Rehab will make sure that you can continue to live the sober life you established while receiving treatment here. You will learn how to use a nutritious diet and exercise to maintain your physical health. The group education on depressant and stimulant drugs will give you a deeper understanding of the negative side effects of substance abuse. Professional preparation services, like simulated interviews, job searching, workshops on financial management, and help with creating a resume, will start your career and ensure economic stability. You will have fun and make lifelong friends while participating in positive coping mechanisms. These indoor, outdoor, and off-site activities include kayaking, go kart racing, relaxing at the beach, reading, attending art classes, watching movies, shopping, and going to the on-site fitness center.

Get professional addiction treatment and live a happy, successful, sober life. Contact the intake coordinators of Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Upland location to register for an individualized addiction treatment program today.


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