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Addiction is a serious disease that affects all elements of the lives of you and your loved ones: mind, body, and soul. It is difficult and nearly impossible to reach your full capacity to work and love when addiction compromises brain functioning. We at Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association understand that. Our addiction recovery center has experienced medical professionals and a broad spectrum of services to help you gain and maintain sobriety.

At Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association, we understand that every case of addiction is unique. Upon entrance into our addiction treatment facility, you will be screened and tested to diagnose which of our treatment programs is right for you. Depending on the severity of your case, your program could last 30, 60, or 90 days at Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association. This involves addressing first the physical and then the psychological facets of your addiction.

After our professionals determine how best to treat you, detoxification will begin. Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association is sensitive to your concerns about painful withdrawal symptoms. Our doctors and nurses will provide safe, non-addictive, stabilizing medications to aid with any discomfort throughout the detoxification process. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Rosemead California wants to ensure that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The next step at Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association is for you to begin your journey in a sober lifestyle. Our experienced physicians and therapists will equip you with proven techniques and mechanisms that will prevent you from relapsing and encourage positive endurance through your reinstatement into a sober life.

The comfortable surroundings and positive environment at Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association will encourage you to take part in fun activities such as kayaking, movies, yoga, meditation, and hiking. These activities, along with our 12 step programs, will aid you in coping with your newfound sobriety.

Once your adjustment into sober living is at a comfortable level, Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s expert network of providers will work with you on professional preparation services to ensure a smooth transition out of our addiction recovery center. This includes employment search assistance, resume review, and simulated interviews. The Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s providers will also assist you with skills necessary for maintaining a sober home life.

Rosemead California Intervention Drug Rehab Association welcomes new patients on a rolling enrollment basis. We keep a low capacity of patients in order to commit to the maximal quality of care. We deem it necessary in order for all of our services and comprehensive care to be consistently available to our patients at all times. We at want you to be you again, without a dependency on drugs. Today is the day to call our caring intake coordinators. We encourage your questions and concerns and would love to discuss them with you. This is the first step in your journey to a healthy and happy sober life.


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