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Do you feel helpless? Do you want to make a change in your life, but feel that you are unable to do so because of consistent relapses you experience? You no longer need to feel that way because Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California is specialized in treating patients with tailored care that functions accordingly to their specific addiction history and severity. We provide top of the line care from our experienced network of providers. Alongside our experts you can begin your course into a better life. You shouldn’t have to feel helpless, let us provide you with the help that can make a difference.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California ensures that each and every patient is provided with the concentrated care they deserve and need in order to recover fully. Depending on the severity of your addiction and your personal problems, we will find a method that works with you personally. Everyone responds differently to treatment, so here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California we believe in practicing as a case by case basis facility versus communally treating everyone with the same method. Many individuals battling addiction here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California have found a successful method that works for them and prevents relapse.

Treatment methods for managing addiction have grown over the years, as scientist have scientifically proven addiction is a disease. Those who are affected by addiction experience side effects involving the mind, body, and soul. Addiction compromises brain functioning by affecting the brainstem, the cerebral cortex, and limbic system. As the brain becomes impaired with illicit substances, it’s structure will physically change, affecting how it functions, how you share your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and how you interpret and respond to everything you experience. Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California treats addiction accordingly to its definition as a disease. Our network of providers confront the addiction by pursuing treatment through a dual diagnosis approach.

Dual diagnosis is comprehensive and different compared to other rehabilitation facility diagnoses as it addresses the addiction you developed over a period of prolonged substance abuse. Our network of providers from Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California face both the physical and mental aspects contributing to your addiction. We initiate dual diagnosis by detoxing the body physically. We want the brain to recognize that it no longer needs drugs and, or alcohol in order to function. Our network of providers conduct a medically induced detox with stabilizing medications in order to prevent any symptoms of withdrawal. As you no longer need to worry about pain, you also don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to our stabilizing medications as they too are non-addictive. As your body is physically cleansed from unauthorized substances we will help restore your personal awareness and self-control with positive coping mechanisms we cater, and strongly recommend for you to utilize.

Contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association San Diego, California today so we may find a case manager for you, and we can proceed by assigning you with either a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. It’s never too late.


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