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Once you begin to struggle with addiction, the battle can seem ongoing. Addiction can take over your entire life, but it is still possible to regain the control you once had. With the help of professionals at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Englewood Colorado, you can achieve successful sobriety. At our drug rehab center, we fight addiction at the source by identifying the underlying issues which contribute to your substance abuse. Together we can help change your old mindsets and habits, so that you no longer have to battle addiction alone. Contact us now so we can help you start over fresh, today.

When you first call Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s network of providers, you will be required to answer a few questions from your intake coordinator. Your intake coordinator is responsible for placing you in the proper treatment plan, which is why he or she will try to develop a better understanding of your addiction history. Once your intake coordinator has a grasp on the severity of your addiction, you will either be placed into a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan.

Upon entering treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Englewood Colorado you will begin with the detox process. Unlike other facilities, our network of providers only administers medically induced detoxes. This process is unlike a normal detox, as our physicians will monitor your progress, and comfort round-the-clock. The detox process you will experience at our drug rehab center is designed for your comfort, and you will be provided with stabilizing medications. These medications are non-addicting, and help prevent the common symptoms of withdrawal that are commonly associated with detox. Detox is a necessary part of breaking addiction because it triggers your mind to send signals to your body that it is no longer reliant on such addictive substances.

After a successful detox, we then suggest that you take up residency in one of our many sober living facilities. These luxurious environments will not only benefit you during your recovery, they will also benefit you after. Living in a sober environment among others who are also recovering from addiction will help you create a network of support. At Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Englewood Colorado, you will build bonds with others at the recovery center that will last the rest of your life. After leaving our facility, you will be able to maintain your sobriety, as you will have others there to support you who can truly understand the changes you are experiencing.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Englewood Colorado you will never be left alone, and will always have a team to motivate you. Sobriety is possible, all you have to do is call! Contact an intake coordinator of ours today, so you can start your treatment. New patients are admitted through our balanced, rolling enrollment process so that we can maintain a low capacity. Having a low client intake allows us to better provide our services to you, whenever you need them. Get the help you deserve, today.


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