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Has an addiction to drugs prevented you from enjoying meaningful relationships and experiences? Have you felt out of control of your own life choices? Are you ready to turn a new leaf to a life of sobriety? The intake coordinators at Fort Collins Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association are awaiting your call.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Collins Colorado is a state-of-the-art addiction treatment and recovery center with an unparalleled network of providers and trained professionals ready to aid you on your way to a sober life.

Both the physical and mental aspects of your addiction are targeted at Fort Collins Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association. This requires a dual diagnosis to determine what your personalized drug detoxification and rehabilitation process will entail. Your specialized program could last from one to three months depending on the severity of your addiction.

The doctors and nurses at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Collins Colorado administer stabilizing medicated detoxification. This process is much less painful than ridding all of the toxins out of your body immediately upon arrival at our addiction treatment center. Your comfort is a key element in the process to successfully living a completely sober life.

After detoxification, the priority of your comfort continues in Fort Collins Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s luxurious living accommodations. The stable, sober surroundings will allow you to have a safe and successful transition into sobriety. The network of providers at our addiction recovery facility will ease any worries you may have about relapsing.

Your commitment to sobriety will be made easier with the positive coping mechanisms offered in our Intensive Outpatient Program here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Collins Colorado. You can soothe your mind at counseling, group therapy, meditation, and 12 step programs. You can have fun with other sober patients while participating in activities like hiking, kayaking, watching movies, and working out at the gym.

In order to continue a life of sobriety after completing your program at Fort Collins Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association, you will learn how to maintain your well-being at home and in your career. Some of the vital information you will become knowledgeable in includes how to prepare three square meals, budget an income, commit to full time requirements, and apply, interview, gain, and maintain a job. These skills will allow you to build a stable life after completing our Intensive Outpatient Program.

Get the assistance you need in order to fight your addiction and start living your life to the fullest. A whole world of amazing experiences and relationships are waiting for you. Call the helpful and caring intake coordinators at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Fort Collins Colorado today. Please note that in order to dedicate our full capacities to our patients, we enroll new patients on a rolling basis.


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