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One of the many reasons why fighting a drug addiction is so difficult is the singular nature of each individual’s disease. What helps one person achieve sobriety may or may not work for another person. The incomparable network of providers at Brighton Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association is dedicated to understanding each patient’s particular type of addiction on a deep level.

Every patient at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Brighton Colorado follows a program as unique as their disease. Our physicians create a dual diagnosis based on the physical and mental aspects of the patient’s addiction. This allows for a thorough treatment and recovery process.

Detoxification at Brighton Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association is aided with medically administered stabilizing medications. This process ensures the patient experiences the least amount of discomfort as possible while the toxins are extracted out of their body.

Once the patient’s physical addiction is cleared, they begin to work on eliminating their mental addiction. The serene and upscale living accommodations at the Intensive Outpatient Program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Brighton Colorado provide the perfect backdrop for this process. The patient gets the opportunity to work with psychiatrists to address problems outside of the facility that may hinder their lifelong sobriety. Group therapy and 12-step programs are also available to develop and practice positive coping mechanisms that will aid in maintaining a sober lifestyle.

Brighton Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association provides recreational activities that the patient can participate in. The diverse assortment is sure to please every patient, no matter where their interests lie. These activities give the patient something to focus on during free time or when they aren’t in therapy. Bookworms will enjoy study hours. Yogis will enjoy yoga and meditation classes.

Patients are guaranteed to build the stable foundation that they need in order to live a successful life of sobriety upon leaving Intervention Drug Rehab Association Brighton Colorado. The expert network of providers aid patients to maintain their physical well-being. This includes learning skills to search and land a job, prepare healthy meals, and maintain a sober support network.

The network of providers at Brighton Colorado Intervention Drug Rehab Association specializes in determining each patient’s specific needs. The unparalleled dual diagnosis and individualized process used at this addiction treatment and recovery center provides every patient with a successful detoxification and drug addiction recovery.

Call our intake coordinators to ask questions and find out more information about our addiction recovery center. We enroll on a rolling basis to limit capacity. This is to ensure the highest quality of service for our patients.


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