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Addiction takes a toll on the mind, body, and soul of every individual who is impacted by the disease. If you or someone you love is battling addiction, contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Hartford Connecticut today so you can receive the proper care and attention you deserve. Together we can overcome your addiction. With professional guidance, you will find a better life in sobriety.

When you contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Hartford Connecticut, you will be assigned to an intake coordinator. Your intake coordinator will go over a series of questions with you in order to determine the severity of your addiction, and once an understanding of your addiction has been made, you will either be placed into a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. The length of treatment has been designed to effectively treat your addiction in a timely manner.

After you have been assigned to your recovery plan at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Hartford Connecticut, you will immediately start treatment. Our network of providers operates by using a procedure we refer to as dual diagnosis. This procedure involves the coordination of care between medical and psychiatric staff. As your addiction recovery program is carried out, you will undergo treatment that includes individual and small group sessions to specifically address the symptoms of addiction you are experiencing.

Our network of providers begin by administering a medically assisted detox. During this time, our physicians will prescribe you with regulated and non-addictive medications in order to help prevent symptoms of withdrawal. Our network of providers strive to offer you a comfortable transition that is successful, but more importantly safe. Once all addictive substances have been removed from your body, we ask that you transition into one of our sober living homes for the remainder of your treatment. Living among other recovering patients will ease your transition into a drug free lifestyle, as our providers teach you how to depend on positive coping mechanisms and uplifting practices versus resulting to substance abuse.

As you stay in one of our sober living homes, you have many options when it comes to therapy. Your psychiatrists and counselors offer group therapy, individual counseling, and family therapy for your to choose from. Addressing the mental ties to your addiction will help us trace what triggers you to resort to substance abuse.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Hartford Connecticut is prepared to assist you to sobriety effectively, safely, and successfully. Contact one of our many compassionate intake coordinators today so that we can begin to discuss your personalized treatment plan together.


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