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You are capable of living an independent life, free of drug abuse and addiction. With professional care, you can successfully treat and recover from your disease. Intervention Drug Rehab Association Stamford’s extraordinary network of providers are dedicated to giving their patients top quality care and helping them reach lasting sobriety.

The dual diagnosis method of treatment used at the Stamford location of Intervention Drug Rehab is what truly sets this drug rehab center apart from the rest. This type of treatment targets both the psychological and physical elements of addiction in order to aim for holistic health. Your treatment program will be personally created by your expert team of doctors and psychiatrists. They will analyze your disease and history with substance abuse to create an individualized addiction treatment program that is as unique as your case of addiction.

Your personalized program will begin with detoxification. Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Stamford’s physicians use an innovative procedure called medically induced detoxification. This involves taking stabilizing, regulated medications to put you at ease while the toxins left behind from prolonged drug abuse are extracted from your body. You will gradually become less and less physically dependent on drugs as you move forward with this treatment process.

Once you are completely physically independent from substance abuse, you will begin your residence in Intervention Drug Rehab Center Stamford’s community living facilities. In your luxurious home, you will engage in sober social norms and build meaningful relationships with your housemates. The encouragement from your peers and the safe and sober environment will make it easy for you to transition into a lifestyle of complete sobriety. The exquisite furnishings and peaceful environment will allow you to relax and unwind. Personal chefs will prepare delicious, gourmet meals for you and your housemates.

Your mental addiction symptoms will be treated with an array of therapeutic methods with the help from the compassionate therapists of Stamford Intervention Addiction Treatment Center. You will speak confidentially with your psychiatrists in therapy sessions. You will share your personal experiences with addiction and empathize with other addiction recovery patients in group therapy meetings. Meditation and positive thinking will become a part of your everyday life and help you stay motivated in your path to lifelong sobriety.

The program for relapse prevention offered at Intervention Drug Rehab Stamford will give you the foundation for your life after your addiction treatment program is complete. You will learn how to write a resume, apply for jobs and schools, and properly budget your finances. You will gain the knowledge on how to maintain your physical well-being through diet and exercise. The multitude of positive coping mechanisms provided will give you plenty of opportunities to have fun and form a sober support network in your free time. You will get to join in on group activities that will help you work on your physical fitness like yoga sessions, exercise classes, hikes, and kayak trips.

Get professional treatment for your addiction at Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Stamford location and begin a lasting life of sobriety today.


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