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About Our Location

Our network of providers at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Norwalk Connecticut understand how difficult it is to battle addiction, which is why we focus on making your transition easy and comfortable. The path to recovery is not impossible, you just need to be provided with the proper approach, method of treatment, and support from our network of providers. Don’t hesitate any longer as the help you need is only a phone call away from you.

Our network of providers are focused on your recovery, and we want that to be your priority as well. Our addiction recovery programs at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Norwalk Connecticut offer a variety of services that will make your recovery stress free. We understand how difficult it can be just to find a way to get to treatment. Please do not worry about transportation being an issue. We want you to know that at our facility, transportation no longer has to be an obstacle that could prevent you from receiving the proper care you deserve. Wherever you are, we will arrange transportation at no cost to and from our facility so that you may achieve sobriety. Our luxurious sober living facilities are the perfect place to regain your health and sobriety. Intervention Drug Rehab Association is committed to walking with you through every step of the recovery process.

When you call in for help, one of our intake coordinators will go through a series of assessments to determine your drug history and severity of substance abuse. You and your intake coordinator will then choose between a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan depending on the severity of your condition. Our network of providers believe that detox is imperative to undergo at the start of recovery, so that your brain can signal your body that it no longer depends on substance abuse. Many are wary of the detox process due to fear of withdrawals, but at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Norwalk Connecticut, you no longer have to fear this process. Our physicians are committed to administering a medically induced detox so that we can provide you with the proper care, support, and safety during your transition. You will be prescribed stabilizing medications that will prevent you from experiencing any symptoms of withdrawal.

The intensive outpatient program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Norwalk Connecticut is truly beneficial as you will be able to build a lifetime of support alongside others in recovery. Our network of providers offers many group activities such as kayaking, go-karting, hiking, beach trips, and shopping days in order to foster greater self-sufficiency before your addiction recovery program comes to an end. We also offer professional support services such as assistance with finding a job, mock interviews, and resume building. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association, our network of providers is committed to helping you thrive and succeed with your newfound sobriety.

Call your intake coordinator at Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Norwalk Connecticut today to begin your journey to lasting recovery.


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