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Individuals in recovery require more care than is administered at the recovery center, because those who are struggling with addiction require assistance that will last them a lifetime. Generally, people need help sustaining their lasting sobriety, which is why Intervention Drug Rehab Association of New Haven Connecticut teaches their patients not only how to find, but to maintain a sober life. We are specialized in treating our patients with individualized care that fits their specific addiction history and severity, tailored for effective, long term, sobriety. Get the professional help you deserve today. All you have to do is call.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Association of New Haven Connecticut we operate as a dual diagnosis facility. Unlike other drug rehab centers, we administer treatment to both your physical and psychological ailments. You will undergo assessments to determine the side effects of both your physical and mental aspects of addiction, so that our network of providers can accurately target treatment to your specific needs.

In order to begin your dual diagnosis treatment, we start by fully detoxing your body of any addictive substances. Our physicians from Intervention Drug Rehab Association of New Haven Connecticut will provide you with a medically administered detox. Unlike other facilities, our network of providers ensures your comfort as we will prescribe you with stabilizing medications that prevent painful withdrawal symptoms. You will also be able to remain in comfort throughout the entire process, as our physician and nurses will monitor you around the clock, in order to provide you with anything you may require.

In order to lay the foundation for lasting sobriety, it is necessary to target addiction directly at its source. Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association, we provide our patients with various therapy programs in order to get to the root of their substance abuse and addiction. One on one counseling, group therapy, and family therapy are all available to you at our facility, and each is an equally effective way to open up about your addiction. Positive coping mechanisms are taught as replacements for substance abuse whenever patients are feeling emotionally distressed or tempted. In order to help further your success, our network of providers also encourages you to participate in the various activities we offer. At our facility, we host a variety of group outings such as beach trips, movies on the weekends, yoga classes, and much more so that you can increase your self-sufficiency before returning to home-life and the workforce.

Call one of our understanding intake coordinators today, so you can start down the path to sobriety. We admit new patients on a rolling enrollment basis to keep a low capacity for maximum quality of care. We operate our rehabilitation facility in such a manner so that you can be provided with the attention, and services you need at your convenience. If you are struggling to leave addiction behind, call us and begin your successful journey to lasting recovery, today at Intervention Drug Rehab Association New Haven Connecticut.


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