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About Our Location

If you are struggling with a drug addiction, get help before it is too late. The Hamden location of Intervention Drug Rehab Association has a network of providers that is committed to helping people like you get on the right path to a life of sobriety.

The key to your sober success is your specialized addiction treatment program. When you enroll in Intervention Drug Rehab Hamden’s treatment, your therapists and doctors will evaluate your disease to determine what type of addiction treatments will garner the best results. The program will include treatments that will address both the psychological and physical aspects of your addiction. This method is the dual diagnosis approach to addiction treatment. By providing you with comprehensive care, you will be able to achieve holistic health.

Intervention Addiction Treatment Center’s Hamden location always begins treatment with detoxification. You will be prescribed stabilizing medications that you will take as the poisonous substances are removed from your body. This is called medically induced detoxification. The physicians of this drug rehab center prefer this type of detoxification over other methods as it provides patients with the most comfortable experience scientifically possible.

After detoxification is complete, you will move into Intervention Drug Rehab Center Hamden’s living facilities. These housing environments will help you as you transition into a drug-free lifestyle. You will partake in sober social modes of care and live with other addiction recovery patients. The daily interactions you have with your housemates will help you develop your interpersonal skills and form a network of sober support. As you become comfortable in your sobriety, you will also become comfortable in your luxurious accommodations. The tranquil and elegant surroundings will allow you to relax and recharge your energy to continue on your path to sobriety.

To help you gain mental stability, Intervention Addiction Treatment Center Hamden will provide you with a program for addiction recovery. In this program, you will experience a number of different therapeutic treatment techniques. The one-on-one meetings you have with your psychiatrist will encourage you to open up about your experiences with drug abuse. This will guide you to the root of your disease and allow your psychiatrist to work on your addiction from the inside out. Your group therapy sessions will give you the opportunity to empathize with your peers and get different perspectives on addiction. Meditative practices will give you the power to achieve peace of mind in your everyday life.

You will gain the skills necessary to establishing a successful life of sobriety in Intervention Drug Rehab Hamden’s relapse prevention program. You will write a resume, search for jobs, practice interview techniques, and learn how to budget your finances in professional preparation services. You will gain a deeper understanding of how substance abuse affects the body and mind in group drug education. You will explore sober leisure activities and have fun with your friends when you participate in positive coping mechanisms, like exercise and group excursions.

End your struggling and your addiction. Begin a sober life today by registering for treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association Hamden.


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