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We stand ready to help you in your fight against substance abuse
Are you under the grip of a drug or alcohol addiction that is dragging you down and destroying your life? Perhaps you have tried to escape from its hold, and you might have succeeded for a while, but before too long it has dragged you under once more.
We understand. But we want you to know that you do not have to fight this alone. We at Intervention Drug Rehab in Atlanta, GA, are here to help you, to stand at your side as we assist you to remove yourself from the grip of substance abuse, and to place you firmly on the path to recovery.
We want you to know, too, that the road to sobriety does not have to be painful or traumatic. Not only will we help you win the fight, but we will also do so in a pleasant, homelike environment that will encourage and inspire you. Our treatments are among the best anywhere. Our staff are skilled, experienced and professional in every way.
Above all, we will not treat you as a number, or as just another client. Because you are special to us, we will treat you as an individual with your own needs, your own circumstances and your own history. We will talk with you, get to understand you, and discover what those needs are. Then we will treat you in the way that works best for you.
Rest assured that many have trod this path ahead of you. Their situations might have been worse than yours. We have watched them emerge from the depths of alcohol or drug abuse to new people with a vibrant lifestyle that empowers them never to turn back again.
Two major steps
When you enter our facility, we will take two major steps to put you on the road of recovery.
• The first step is to rid your body of the effects of the substances that have you in their grip. You will be treated with a detoxification process that is not only free of pain, but is comfortable and reassuring. Throughout the process, your condition will be checked and evaluated, whether your program lasts 30, 60 or 90 days.
• Even as your physical conditions are being treated, we will begin a process that assists you in coping with the mental conditions that accompany substance abuse. We examine how you have been affected and what you need to cope in the future without the aid of drugs or alcohol.
You will talk with us, tell us your story and how you are feeling. We will listen, understand and help you. Interaction with our experienced counselors will be followed by meetings with others who have suffered from similar afflictions. You will hear their stories and share yours with them.
We do not stop there. We provide ways to help you manage your life without drugs or alcohol. We do so through fun outdoor activities as well as classes in yoga and meditation. All are aimed at helping you live a healthy, restored and healed life. As you progress through our 30, 60 or 90-day program you will find yourself increasingly ready to face the stresses and strains of today’s world without having to resort to those substances that held you back for so long.
Through our rolling admission procedure, we ensure that the number of clients is kept to a level that enables us to provide individual treatment to each and every one of them.
It is up to you to take the first step toward recovery. Contact us at Intervention addiction treatment center in Atlanta Georgia now to discuss your personal program. We stand ready to help.


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