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Drugs and alcohol have ruined the like of millions of individuals, leading to a deterioration of well-being, happiness, and safety. Give yourself a positive outlook on the future and leave addiction to substance abuse in the past. Atlanta, Georgia Intervention Drug Rehab Association wants to lend you our tools for returning to sobriety. Our network of providers have assisted countless individuals in making the change towards a better, sober existence. Addiction doesn’t have to weigh you down any longer. Seek advice and treatment from our addiction recovery center now.
Our facility is renowned for helping those struggling with drugs and alcohol take back control of their life. Atlanta, Georgia Intervention Drug Rehab uses the time-tested approach of dual diagnosis, targeting addiction on two levels. Firstly, our physicians, counselors, and nurses will help you remove the physical dependency your body has created. Then, once our patients are physically sober, our providers guide them through sober living, treating the patterns of addiction that manifest in your thoughts during times of prolonged substance abuse. This dual diagnosis approach will help to eradicate addiction from your entire life, both physically and mentally.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if rehabilitation centers have failed you before and lead to relapse. Our Atlanta, Georgia Intervention Drug Rehab Association uses a more comprehensive, personalized approach for treating substance dependency, resulting in a stronger, more successful transition into life without addiction. Beginning treatment means removing the bodily dependency on drugs and alcohol through a medically administered detox. The detoxification process shouldn’t worry you; our physicians use stabilizing medicines in the process which keep you comfortable, safe, and away from withdrawal symptoms.
After you’ve gotten sober, your mind will adjust to no longer being dependent on substance abuse, reducing cravings and temptation little by little every day of your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment period. Breaking the habits and practices of addiction is equally as important as detoxing. Living in our sober living facilities among other patients will help you adjust to the sober social norms and interactions of your recovering peers.
While in Intervention Drug Rehab Atlanta’s intensive outpatient care, you will have access to the fine accommodations, such as 24 hour gym access and private chefs. Living in our recovery facilities will open up the opportunity for you to interact and receive counseling from our compassionate network of providers whenever you need it. Positive coping mechanisms are practiced often within the sober living facility when patients feel distressed or tempted to relapse. These practices include group therapy, one on one counseling, meditation, exercise, and other activities that restore self-control and cognitive control over emotional reactions.
Atlanta, Georgia Intervention Drug Rehab Association wants to assist our patients through recovery so that they may find secure, stable sobriety for a long lasting life without drugs and alcohol. Our network of providers are dedicated to helping you find peace after addiction. If you or someone you love is in need of professional care to overcome drugs and alcohol, please feel free to contact our network of providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding treatment. Don’t wait; start down the road to sobriety today.


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