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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Addiction Recovery
Whether you are just starting to explore addiction recovery programs or you are ready to enter into a facility, you probably have a list of questions. While you will likely need to speak with a representative from the facility to address specific concerns, looking at some of the frequently asked questions about addiction recovery at Intervention Drug Rehab Atlanta, GA, can ease some of your concerns.

1. How will I pay for treatment?
The methods of payment will depend upon your facility and the insurance company. You may discover that your insurance provider is able to pay for part of all of the costs. If you cannot afford the amount you are required to pay, you should find out if a payment option is available or look into taking out a loan.

2. How are inpatient and outpatient treatment different from one another?
When you choose an inpatient program at Intervention substance abuse treatment Atlanta, you will live at the facility for the course of your treatment. Opting for an outpatient program means that you will attend sessions, meetings and other programs but not reside at the facility.

3. Is one type of program better than the other?
The type of program into which you should enter depends upon your needs. Speaking with a specialist will help you to determine what you should do. This assessment will likely take factors such as the extent of your addiction and your previous experience with rehab into account.

4. If I choose inpatient treatment, can I communicate with my family members and friends?
Yes, you can generally still talk to these people, and they may even have the opportunity to come for a visit. However, it is important that all of you remember that you are there to receive treatment and to work on yourself. Frequent visits or communication can interrupt that process.

5. What types of activities will I participate in?
As far as activities, you will develop a plan with the specialists that best suits their needs. Some individuals find that hiking in nature helps them with their recovery, and others discover that creating works of art is their calling.

6. Will I make friends at the facility?
Chances are that you will form bonds with other people. Even if you are nervous at the beginning, consider how friendships can make the process easier and more prolific.

7. How long do I have to stay at the facility if I choose inpatient services?
The programs are available in intervals of 30, 60 or 90 days. You will work with a specialist to determine your initial stay. Whether or not you should stay for longer will depend upon your progress in the program.

8. Do I have to attend therapy?
You will discuss your individualized plan with a specialist, but you should recognize that therapy is generally a part of the program at this Atlanta Georgia drug rehab. By speaking with a therapist, you can reach the core of your issues and devise a plan for better tackling the troubles you encounter in life.

9. Will I have the chance to spend time outdoors?
Going outside will likely play a significant role in your treatment plan. When you have the opportunity to experience the outside world, you can delight in the fresh air that nature provides. In fact, you can find an array of activities that are available outdoors.

10. Will I relapse?
Some people do relapse even after they have a stay in therapy. The goal is to prevent that from happening, and going to rehab at Intervention Drug Rehab Atlanta, GA, can help to increase the chance that you live a life free from alcohol and drug addiction.

These answers can help guide you in the right direction and provide you with ideas for questions to ask yourself when you meet with representatives.


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