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About Our Location

At Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Lawrenceville Georgia we make it our priority to successfully treat you for your addiction. Reaching out for help can sometimes be the hardest part of the entire transition, but our network of providers will stay by your side from the moment you reach out to us. Don’t hesitate any longer to get the help you deserve. From the moment you call our network of providers, we will welcome you with open arms.

When you reach out to Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Lawrenceville Georgia, you will be assigned to an intake coordinator who is responsible for determining which duration of treatment is necessary for your recovery. In order to determine the severity of your addiction, your intake coordinator will lead you through an assessment that will ultimately help the both of you decide whether a 30, 60, or 90 day addiction recovery program would be appropriate for you and your needs.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association Lawrenceville Georgia admits new patients on a rolling enrollment basis. This process helps our drug rehab center maintain a low patient intake. Having a lower capacity allows our network of providers and broad spectrum of services to be there for you whenever you need them. We are committed to facilitating your recovery in the best way we know how: with comprehensive care and personalized treatment plans.

Our network of providers is dedicated to providing dual diagnosis treatment to each individual who comes to us for help. Dual diagnosis is a comprehensive process, as it addresses both the mental and physical side effects of addiction that have developed over a period of prolonged substance abuse. Your addiction treatment program will start with our physicians administering a medically induced detox. During this time your physician will monitor your comfort, progress, and safety round-the-clock. There will not be any need to worry about withdrawal symptoms, as our physicians provide regulated and non-addictive medications to ensure your comfort. After a successful detox, you will then participate in therapy in order to treat the psychological side effects of your addiction. Your psychiatrist will work with you to determine your mental thinking patterns to find out what triggers your substance abuse.

Our network of providers is passionate about placing individuals in appropriate addiction treatment programs so that they can successfully recover from their battle with addiction. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Lawrenceville Georgia understands that it can be difficult to find an affordable method of transportation to and from treatment, but our network of providers will equip you with transportation at no cost.

Sometimes, the most difficult part of recovery is making the first call to get help, but our experienced intake coordinators are ready and waiting to speak with you. All you have to do is call Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Lawrenceville Georgia to start your personalized treatment plan. Together we can conquer your addiction, and show you how to live a fulfilling life of successful sobriety.


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