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About Our Location

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Elmhurst can provide you with help, hope, and trust. We have effectively assisted countless individuals just like you. We aren’t here to quickly treat you. We are here to correctly care for your needs. Addiction can be one of the most damaging diseases. It takes a toll on your behavioral patterns, physical well-being, relationships, and stability in life. We can show you how to regain each of these qualities. The road to sobriety isn’t as far as you think.

At Intervention Drug Rehab Center, Elmhurst, we combine treatment medications with behavioral therapy. This method of care is referred to as dual diagnosis. Every ailment that has developed from your addiction will be thoroughly addressed. Our knowledgeable psychiatrists, nurses, doctors, intake coordinators, and counselors will trace any underlying issues that have contributed to your history of substance abuse.

We will make sure that you are able to solely focus on your improvement. At Intervention Drug Rehab, Elmhurst, we go above and beyond for each of our patients. Every customized treatment plan includes a variety of helpful amenities. You will be provided with transportation to and from your addiction treatment center, 24 hour access to a recreational center that is located at your dual diagnosis facility, and a personal chef who will provide you with three freshly prepared meals at your convenience. You will experience a transition that is tranquil and serene.

You will take residency in one of our many luxurious facilities. These homes are needed for a successful recovery. You will rebuild your social modes of care that are normally conducted within a household. Once you complete each week’s sessions, you will engage in a variety of fun filled activities on the weekends. Our network of providers hosts outings to the beach, movie nights, kayaking trips, wakeboarding, hiking excursions, and horseback riding. Each of these arranged activities will give you an opportunity to collaboratively interact with others.

Our aftercare program is designed to help build structure and support in your life. You will be equipped with top of the line professional preparation services. These helpful conveniences consist of resume preparation workshops, employment search assistance seminars, budgeting techniques, and simulated interviews. After you complete your recovery, employment will be one of the many factors that you will run into. It is important to keep yourself busy after recovery. Finding a job will build a structured routine for you to live by. Intervention Drug Rehab, Elmhurst will give you the tools you need to rebuild a structured life.

You are here for a reason, which is why we are here to help you. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Elmhurst can help you overcome this battle with your addiction. No matter how difficult your journey may get, we will always be there to support you. Don’t wait any longer. We are offering you an opportunity of a lifetime. Take advantage of this chance to change your life.


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