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Your Role in Your Own Addiction Recovery
Once you have decided that you’re going to obtain treatment for substance abuse, you may think that your role in your own treatment has ended. However, that is far from the truth. Throughout the process at Intervention Drug Rehab Oak Lawn, IL, you will play an important role in your own recovery. In fact, understanding the power that you have is vital because doing so helps you to build confidence and to recognize that you’re an important individual.

Decision to Enter
Other people cannot force you to attend treatment at Intervention addiction treatment Oak Lawn, IL. This decision is your own. When you wake up and feel good about finally obtaining the help that you need, you can know that you made this important decision. During your stay , you may struggle at times. However, think back to the power and strength that you had when you made the choice to obtain treatment. Knowing that not everyone has this level of strength can power you through negative moments.

Individualized Plan
Speaking with the therapists, case managers and other team members will help them to develop a proficient plan for you, and the information that you provide plays a prominent role in crafting this plan of care and recovery. Even if you are not the one who decides exactly what the plan is, your needs and actions have greatly helped to shape it. Knowing that your care plan has been molded specifically for you is powerful.

The treatment programs at Intervention substance abuse treatment Oak Lawn, IL, require you to vocalize your feelings and concerns at points. For example, you will likely attend regular sessions with a therapist. The amount of information that you provide during these sessions greatly guides how successful they are. If you keep all of your feelings to yourself and fail to share both your triumphs and fears, then the therapy sessions are likely to be less successful. Although it can seem frightening to open up at first, you have the power to point these conversations in the right direction.

Your experience at treatment will also involve a range of activities. Some of those activities may include speaking with other residents during group sessions, hiking in the outdoor world to take in nature and fresh air or painting beautiful scenes to release your energy. At first, you might show hesitation to participate, especially in activities that are new to you. However, the more you participate, the better you generally are. Know how important putting yourself out there and taking advantage of the opportunities are during your treatment.

Released Past
During your treatment here at Intervention Drug Rehab Oak Lawn, IL, you are likely to find that you need to release certain parts of your past in order to move on into a healthy future. For example, you have to let go of the habits that brought you here in the first place. To accomplish that goal, you may need to learn how to avoid certain people and situations or how to better respond to stimuli in your home environment. To release the past, you need to show a willingness to do so. Even if it takes some time, keep your mind open to the prospect.

You may think that once you go into therapy, you will just become a device of the professionals. However, you actually play a prodigious role in your own recovery. When you are willing to put more into the process and open your mind to the treatment, you can leave with a better sense of self.


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