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Now is your chance to change! Stop your endless days of searching. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Carmel, Indiana will find an addiction treatment center for you. You will be placed into the proper substance abuse center that is fit for your needs. Each of our patients are provided with a personalized treatment plan. We believe that individualized care fosters lasting sobriety. Your opportunity of a lifetime is only a simple phone call away from you. What are you waiting for?

The moment you contact us, we will take care of everything for you. An intake coordinator of ours will take the time to develop a better understanding your condition. You will be asked a few questions relating to your addiction. From your responses, we will be able to determine the severity of your addiction. We will personally and directly address this disease.

Our network of providers will treat both your physical and mental side-effects of addiction. We refer to this comprehensive approach as dual diagnosis. Our physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, and intake coordinators will trace any underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Carmel, Indiana will restore your physical and psychological processes.

An experienced physician of ours will proctor your medically administered detox. During this procedure, you will be able to comfortably rest. Your doctor will prescribe regulated medications to you. These non-addictive medicines will help decrease any feelings of discomfort. You can rest assured knowing that Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Carmel, Indiana will provide you with top of the line care and services.

Our counselors and psychiatrists work with patients in various forms of therapy. Some of these social practices include one on one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. We use these methods of care to find any triggers that enable your addictive tendencies. The base of your addiction’s foundation will be found and addressed. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Carmel, Indiana will not let you fight this battle alone.

You will learn how to overcome your addiction and prevent future chances of relapse. Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Carmel, Indiana has designed a relapse prevention program that is truly incomparable. Our network of providers will teach you a variety of positive reinforcements that will be used to replace your addictive tendencies. Some of these services include meditative practices, yoga classes, recreational activities, art classes, 12 step programs, and much more. All of these techniques will continue to be used in your life after recovery.

Professional preparation services are included in your customized treatment program to help make you a better candidate for employment. We want you to be prepared when you leave our facility. Our network of providers will help you structure your resume, teach you budgeting techniques, and practice simulated interviews with you. These helpful services are all part of our way to help you build the ranks of your livelihood.

Intervention Drug Rehab Association of Carmel, Indiana works with a restorative, experienced, and compassionate network of providers. Let us help you initiate your recovery today!


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