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Addiction Recovery: Learning to open up
Upon enrolling in a program at Intervention substance abuse treatment Wichita, KS, you have the opportunity to learn about the different treatments available. Early on during your stay, or perhaps before you even enter the doors, you will discover that individual and group therapy both play a role in your recovery. This realization can create some trepidation. Many people struggle with opening up to others, especially when it comes to personal information. While you will learn strategies for doing so at Intervention Drug Rehab Wichita, you can start planning now.

Recognize Their Backgrounds
You may feel uncomfortable opening up to the therapists because you are ashamed of your past. You may harbor a great deal of guilt about your drug addiction and feel embarrassed when you discuss it. Remember that the therapists are experts in this area. They know that you are seeking help at Intervention Wichita addiction treatment, so they are already aware of the fact that you struggle with an addiction. They have likely seen individuals with similar struggles before. In fact, some of the therapists and counselors may have once been addicts themselves.

Trust the Strategies
In addition to recognizing that the specialists have the background necessary to conduct these sessions, you also have to learn how to trust their strategies. They may ask you questions that you think do not at all pertain to your recovery. In some cases, the therapists may merely want to establish rapport with you by asking questions that are likely unrelated. In other scenarios, they have an end goal that they are trying to reach, but getting there requires some background information.

Start Slowly
You don’t have to rattle off your entire life story to the therapists the first time that you meet, and they don’t expect that you will want to. If you are nervous about sharing information with another individual in this capacity at Intervention substance abuse recovery Wichita, KS, start off slowly. For example, you might talk about a time when you hurt someone on the peripheral of your social circle because of your addiction. Later during your treatment, you can get into how substance abuse led you to cause harm, injury or friction between you and close loved ones.

Release Emotions
In some cases, you may try to prevent yourself from talking about a specific situation because you are afraid that doing so will make you cry. Recognize that the therapists are used to seeing a range of emotions. When you allow yourself to feel these emotions, you can actually end up in a better place. Instead of keeping the tears bottled up inside of you about a certain experience or incident, you can fully experience the pain and agony of that moment through both your words and the tears.

Know It’s Part of the Process
When you first enrolled in Wichita Intervention Drug Rehab, you likely knew that you wanted to get better. Keep in mind that following with the routines and putting yourself into the treatments 100 percent is a part of that journey. If you are resistant to the therapy, you are not getting the most out of the program. When you leave here you may regret not having tried harder, especially if you feel yourself tempted into a relapse. Realizing that providing information to the therapists is important because it is through this process that you can attain a full recovery from your addiction.

Learning to open up to another individual can prove challenging, and that is particularly true when you’re not used to doing so. Chances are that once you start to speak freely, you will feel a release and begin to build new confidence and strength. To learn more, feel free to contact the professionals at Intervention Drug Rehab Wichita, KS.


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