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Negative Emotions You May Feel during Addiction Recovery and How Can They be Resolved
Once you have decided to enroll in a program at Intervention addiction treatment Wichita Kansas, you probably start to think about what the experience will entail. The ability to start your life again and to rid yourself of substance abuse is exciting, but you will likely encounter many other emotions along the way. Knowing what emotions may arise can help you to better prepare for your treatment and to develop more realistic expectations of the journey. You may feel a range of negative emotions, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that Intervention is there to guide you through them.

When you are in a recovery program, you may feel a sense of isolation. Inpatient programs mean that you’re spending time away from the people and places that you love, so you can feel alienated from them. As you progress through treatment, you may also feel a sense of isolation from yourself. You are confronting new experiences, and you are finding parts of yourself that you never knew or that have long been hiding. Intervention Drug Rehab Wichita, KS, works to help you develop relationships with other people. Through peer sessions, for example, you can learn that you aren’t alone by building bonds with other individuals in here.

As you move forward with your recovery, you will probably start to recognize the ways in which you hurt other people. You may also start to reflect on missed opportunities and the damage you have done to your own being. These reflections can lead to a deep sense of regret and a desire to return to the past. The therapists at Intervention addiction treatment Wichita, KS, can help you to recognize the mistakes you have made, but they also assist you in moving forward. Instead of focusing on the errors of your past, you can learn how to resolve these issues and how to turn that negative energy into a positive source of power.

Recognizing the mistakes that you have made can cause you to develop a level of self-hatred. You may feel ashamed at what you have done or angry with yourself for allowing the problem to grow to such an extreme. Speaking with the therapists will help you to recognize that self-love is the path to recovery. By growing to love yourself, you will also realize how important it is to take care of yourself. When you make your health a priority, you are more likely to stay away from issues with substance abuse in the future.

During your 30, 60 or 90 day program, you may feel a sense of entrapment in the substance abuse facility. Learning how to reverse your mindset is important here. Remember that the drug and alcohol addiction was what trapped you before you came to treatment. Now that you are in Intervention addiction recovery center Wichita, you are actually not trapped anymore; you are working toward freedom from substance abuse. An important part of your drug recovery is learning to look at situations through a different lens.

One of the reasons why Drug Rehab Wichita offers supervised detox is due to the extreme withdrawal symptoms you may feel. These effects can come in physical and mental forms. You may have even developed an emotional dependence on the drug. When it comes to treating your substance abuse, supervised detox is an important part of the process because you will have professionals around you who know what to expect and what to do.

These negative emotions can appear when you are working on your substance abuse recovery. Accepting their possibility is important, but so is knowing that the team at Wichita Intervention Drug Rehab is there to help you overcome them.


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